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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Thursday, July 06, 2006 Weird Week

I'm a creature of habit. If I don't get up and adhere to a semi normal schedule, my internal rhythm goes haywire. Having Monday AND Tuesday off really did it for me. How the heck can it be Thursday? Seriously?

How can one achieve a to do list in three days? Although I did get my website updated with my new cover. (Note, it got put up here earlier than the official site because???? this is the procrastination palace and well, I was clearly avoiding something else at the time...)

I'm dying to get to my camera. I can't believe I don't even have any film. Well, I do, a roll of B&W, but it's brilliant summer and it needs color, living, breathing color!!! My goal this weekend is to blow at least one roll of 24 experimenting with different textures and motions. If I'm remotely successful I'll post here.

I've been writing a werewolf story. Okay, I wrote one, decided there was a story that came before and started that. Only it sorta fizzled and so I went to a story I call "witchlit". Been toying with that, but I've really nothing to report on the writing scene. Other than, of course, the release of TROPHY GIRL next TUESDAY from SAMHAIN PUBLISHING.

It's hot, it's fast and Zander's yummy, so check it out. (It's Thursday....it's releasing Tuesday. Good god, I'm way behind.)

I've gotta fly, see you all tomorrow. TGIF--already!


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