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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Monday, January 30, 2006 YES!

Doesn't it feel great to accomplish something. It really is sweeter when the road to "the end" is long and bumpy. Of course, who's dumb enough to chose that road from the get-go, I dunno, but, hey, at least I'm looking on the bright side.

Technically, I'm not "done" with edits, because I'm on the brink of 100K and really would like to hit that century mark, even tho my editor isn't requiring it. I'll scan through a few scenes and see if I can't find some places to tweak. But I've addressed all zillion comments and am thrilled with the way this book cleaned up.

Big wahooo's to Shannon Stacey for a kick ass review of a kick ass book. I snuck in time to read Forever Again and omg, was it good. To me, this review summarized my emotions while reading it. It is real, very heart warming and heart wrenching and the characters were definitely NOT cookie cutter. Check it out!

Jaci has a new, smokin' hot cover for her Feb 1st release. I had the chance to read part of this story (dying to read the end!!!) and trust me, it's one of Jaci's HOT HOT HOT faerie stories. You will NOT be disappointed.

and finally, I'm totally digging on Angie's new blog graphics. Mandy hooked her up with some great stuff, eh? Love it. :)

If anyone has a myspace.com account, come check me out and gimme an "add"

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Monday, January 23, 2006 What's all the buzz?

I've heard it all over--my daughter said she hears about it on the radio and tv....

Initially, I ignored it like it was a pesky fly.
But it got louder.
Then Mandy did it. She gave in and no only got a page, but started telling us all about the networking abilities and that it was the yahoo groups of the future. Well, hell, as if I'm gonna let technology pass me by.
Her fault. Totally her fault.
I've let her know I hate her (tho I don't, cuz well, I don't think anyone wants to hate Mandy...)

I visited there, saw her pretty page and well, started my own. It's not so pretty yet, but I hope to get some book stuff up there, etc. Likely, however, since I'm really trying to be disciplined and get edits/writing done, I'll post same blog at both places. Ya know, just in case you prefer to visit me here.

Posted by Melani Blazer :: 8:19 AM :: 3 comments

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Saturday, January 21, 2006 Better now.....

I'm jammin'

I finally gave in and bought the CD I've been lusting after for awhile now. I've put this off many time with many CD's cuz I keep saying, I'll just buy the singles from Itunes and put em on my daughter's Ipod (and my puter)... but that wasn't getting done. Big surprise. (There's always something I need to do "more"...)

So the CD is "YOUTH" by Collective Soul.
I've been a CS fan since like, mid 90's, but never managed to get ANY of the CD's (and gee, I didn't even have the I-tunes excuse then!)... so I also picked up the greatest hits. (okay, so I am occasionally a impulse buyer...)

I love, as in, went to their website and played the song over and over until my husband threatened to kick my ass if he heard it again. They have the video there too... rocks. :)

So... that's the biggest bit of excitement of my weekend. I'll be singing along with Ed for months now. Sorry Nickelback, there's a new CD in town. :P

Posted by Melani Blazer :: 8:16 AM :: 3 comments

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Sunday, January 15, 2006 Interesting things to do in the edit cave

Recent events in my life have caused me to open a ms I wasn't intending on editing just yet--and this has occurred smack in the middle of editing a book that I do have a deadline for. Yeah, fun stuff. I may never crawl out of this pit of edit hell.

So I thought I'd come here and list the top eh... random number of things to do while editing to keep from actually editing.

(in no specific order)
1) Feed the daughters dead neopets

2) Watch the home team lay down on the football team and get bulldozed. Oh yeah, inspiring stuff. Plus, I went hoarse yelling at those dumbasses to start playing football like men, geesh.

3) Clean out medicine chest. Find nine open bottles of ibuprofen and condense into one. Read labels of other medicine back corner of shelf and contemplate what happens when you take it a year after expiration date.

4) clean the cat litter

5) do laundry (reminds me, dammit, I'm out of work pants, must go back DOWN to the basement again, lovely)

6) follow links in blogs in a game-like fascination wondering if you'll ever get back to the blog you started at

7) make up limericks (Shan's forbid me to post any until her synopsis is done and emailed, so sorry....)

8) IM with friends for hours. I mean hours. As in, I've been in that same conference room ALL damn day. It's sad, really. But we all do it and we do it together so we pretend it's all right.

9) Let husband critique beginning of latest book and tell yourself it's okay when he's brutally honest and says the beginning sucks donkey dick.

10) make up a blog about procrastinating because it sounds like less work than rewriting the front end of the story you should be working on.

With that, I need to go switch laundry.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006 How'd you spend the first week of 2006?

Let's see. Best part was that I spent alot of time talking with the bitches. I think we all keep one another informed on what's going on in the chunk of cyberspace we inhabit. We're always referring one another to blogs or articles or discussing TV shows, like Angie did here.... I was actually online with Jaci and Angie and Shan as they watched this. Their comments were hysterical despite the fact I knew nothing about the show. (My husband was in the other room watching some Ozzy Rockumentary...)

I got edits back from my wonderful editor on Believe the Magic, which is a March release from Samhain Publishing. I wrote the book a long time ago, so these edits were extensive. (I found it comforting to know I had learned something in the last few years about writing, however.) I'll be in the deepest pit of the edit cave if you need me.

I finally got hair coloring and washed away that gray. I find it difficult to believe I'm oh-so-young at heart when my hair makes me look ten years older than my REAL age. Thanks. Jaci found it amazingly dumbassed of me to ask for hair coloring from my husband/child for Christmas. Why? Because they usually get me something that's not very useful, thoughtful, but not practical. I'm all about practical. Not to the point of necessary, but to me, doing my hair is a bit of a frivolty. No, really. Plus, I'm just cheap enough not to spend $17.99 for the cool hair coloring with the highlight kit, but that didn't sound out of line for the 14 yr old daughter who had unofficially implemented a $20 limit on everyone. *eye roll* No... instead they bought me a leather jacket. So I had to go get my OWN hair coloring. Geesh. Anyhow...

The rest of the week? Went to work, came home, did as little housework as possible, cooked on one occasion (and OMG, my DH even cooked one night... that's probably his quota for the whole year!) and did the writing thing. Just the basics--reviewed and bs'd a proposal with one of the bitches, bs'd a title for a series with another. BS'd some stuff on my next story--the one I'll write if and when I find my way out of my edit pit. And now, while the rest of the house is still sound asleep, I'll head on over to those edits....

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Monday, January 02, 2006 I'm sparing ya'll from the limericks today

Cuz I wanna dance around and shout: Samhain's Live, Samhain's Live....

and then demand that you get your tushies over there and BUYBUYBUYBUYBUYBUY those books.

Especially these two: (cuz they're my buds! --did ya hear the Pauly Shore voice? ergh, watched Encino Man this weekend.... *slurp @ Brendan Fraser *pant*)

OOps, bad me... I was pimpin' books, not slipping into fantasy land, my bad... (click the cover for buy link... wow, wasn't that nice of me?)

Now, you KNOW you need some kick ass reading material to get you through the beginning of the year. Don't make me come bite your ankles, dangit---BUY THESE BOOKS!

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