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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Wednesday, September 13, 2006 All wet....

I'm wondering if it's ever gonna stop raining. Has this become a rain forest-city-place? While rain is good, it's also weird for September. (Where was it in March/April???)
And after Shan's horror of wet basements (earwigs-EEEK!) I reallllllly want to see the sunshine again.

And remember I said I finished that quickie? I sent it off to a pal o'mine to read it and I get this email that says....where's the end? She'd printed it off to read/crit/comment and turned the page and went, "Huh?" and then went to her computer thinking WORD had shorted her. Turns out *I* did.

So it was back to the story to flesh out the vague Happily Ever After (as much as one could promise--cuz people who've only known each other two days don't pledge undying lurve or anything....). I resent that last chapter and am waiting to learn if I've convinced her of HEA yet. *snicker*

While waiting (why is it I always stress more when a friend is reading my story than a stranger?), I reread a proposal I'd finished and then set aside to cure. I went back to it fresh, tweaked it and mailed that puppy out. I'm so proud of me. I only used that yahoo IM barfy emoticon once. Okay, maybe twice. *wink* But only when confiding with my pals I'd done it.

Now, I'm gonna take the advice of some very wide writers/editors and READ. There's several new books out I'm eager to get my hands on and I've got an Amazon gift cert to help me. :)

And in case anyone is interested and needs reading material--my "chick lit" romance, BRAND NAME DATES through Cerridwen Press is now available through Amazon.com. If you're looking for something to set the mood for Halloween, check out THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT V, also available through Amazon.com!

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