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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Friday, September 08, 2006 I did it!

*pretend there's a picture of a hot, hot guy here, flexing*

I finished the quickie.
I have a hard time writing a complete (satisfying) story in the miniscule size of 12,000 words, but managed to do this in eight days (that alone is amazing to me) without major bloodshed or tearing of hair.

Recently the subject came up about the possibility of these shorter books. In paperback, they're just not cost effective, but alot of epublishers have embraced them, and often will release them seperately and then compile them for print--a win-win situation.

Anyone out there wanna comment on how they feel about a 12K story? Is that long enough to make you believe in "happily ever after"?

Posted by Melani Blazer :: 7:04 PM :: 1 comments

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