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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Sunday, August 20, 2006 Unlikely research site

A couple of my friends have libraries of research material. I'm envious, because I could totally get lost in interesting historical fact finding. But so far, other than little bits of information I've been able to look up online or "ask around" to learn, I haven't needed a full out research session for anything I've written.

But today we went to a local car show--one of the largest in the area and one we attend every year because of the expansive swap meet and gorgeous show cars. My husband and I are still rebuilding the 71 Chevelle (when he can pry my fingers of the keyboard) so today we went searching boxes and bins for specific pieces of interior and exterior that was in good shape--and the right price. It wasn't anything special until we finished "shopping" and got to drool over the pristine show cars.

Walking amongst the Shoebox Chevys ('55, '56, '57) my husband reminded me that two years ago, my mission was to get a very clear idea of what the interior of a '55 Chevy looked like because I was researching a sex scene in Hot Rod Heaven. I remember I'd gone to the car show that year with both my husband AND my father-in-law, who found it absolutely hilarious I was checking out the backseats (visually only) for book research. Then he reminded me he'd owned several '55 Chevys through the years and he could have easily answered my questions.
(He didn't directly imply he "knew" but I didn't EVEN wanna go there--no one wants to cross that line and learn that stuff about their parents or in-laws, right?)

Someday I'm gonna write a story with a 71 Chevelle in it. I just gotta get it done so I can work on the research aspect. Books? ha. Who wants to read about it when you can try it out for yourself?

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