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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Sunday, July 23, 2006 The good, the bad....the weekend

First off, this post will not be about writing. Okay, maybe that should fall under "the bad" category, because the amount of writing I did this weekend was pitiful. I should have kicked ass, taken names and damn near finished the proposal. But... that didn't happen.

The good:
a) I got to see my nieces/nephew who living in Georgia. They're all under ten, but growing SOOOO fast. Even my nephew, who has Muscular Distrophy, seeemed to be doing amazingly well. (note: if anyone has the opportunity to donate to MDA, please do--they are doing amazing things to help people with this terrible disease, and knowing a little boy with it is heart shattering.)

b) I went to a fair in a nearby county and saw "Big and Rich" in concert. Okay, I sorta kinda cheated, as I didn't have the funds in my budget for $30-$40 per seat tickets, and it was an outdoor concert, so...we found a killer place to park the pickup and sat in the bed and watched the ant sized Big Kenny and John be silly on stage. If you're into country music (C'mon, you GOTTA love "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy") and have the chance to see them--do. They are excellent and sound JUST like the CD. They have a killer sense of humor too.

While at the fair, I did get to check out LOTS of cowboys. (I caught my husband checking out the cowgirls, too.) There's just something sexy about a man in snug fitting jeans, cowboy hat and boots. Hot damn. I'm thinking somewhere, someday I've gotta write me a cowboy story.

c) I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2 again. While I don't think it's as good as the first one--a bit more farfetched and...there were lots of loose ends. (I don't like the way Will ended up looking even MORE wimpy and where the hell is Elizabeth's loyalty, anyway?) Jack was just as you expect and it IS hugely entertaining. Check it out. Just hands off--Will is SOOOO mine.

d) Today we hit our local beach for the annual mud bog competition. Always fun to see the local boys get in their souped up pickups and SUV's and try to make it through up to four feet of mud.

So... the bad:
a) I didn't write... much. I think maybe 800 words. Blech.

b) People have left or preparing to leave for RWA. Means I'm not, and I truly wish I were going this year. *sigh* (Don't worry, it's left behind syndrome...)

c) The top of my head is SUNBURNED!!!! Only the fourth time this year I'm gonna have dandruff like flakes right down the center of my skull. If I shaved myself bald right now, I'd have a pinkish red mohawk strip. (Shudders at the thought)

d) I accomplished sooooo little of my to do list this weekend. Am about 1% prepared for the garage sale in two weeks. Didn't finish proprosal (yeah, that's bugging me). Didn't do laundry (okay, I JUST threw a load in, but it's 6:30 Sunday night... can you say hopeless case?).

e) Dropped my Sony Clie in the hallway--on wood floors and thought I broke it. Seriously. It wouldn't turn on. It has my phone numbers, all my ebooks and alot of pictures on it. I would have cried. Totally cried. The silver lining is that it was only the on/off switch that needed to be popped back into place (the spring thingy was out of place) so I managed to fix it.
(Gets on knees and thanks God.)

So...That was my weekend. I hope you found fun, inspiration and something to smile about. And I truly hope that everyone can make a list like mine and find the good definitely outweighs the bad.

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