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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Thursday, June 29, 2006 What would you do?

You're a NASCAR fan... pretty into it, thanks to your dad. You know a lot about the drivers, the tracks, the cars. Even though you try not to, you hear the rumors and see the off track interviews. You know the reputation of the series champ, bad-boy Zander Torris. You know he's devastingly good looking, and charming to boot, but with a different piece of voluptuous, blond eye candy on his arm every weekend, you have zilch respect for him.

The only good thing you see in him is that he's a very generous benefactor for the camp where you're a nurse volunteer.

So when he walks into your clinic, unannounced and unexpected, and asks you, girl-next-door, unglamorous you, to that evening's benefactors dinner, what do you do?
(Hint, he's not taking no for an answer, so be ready at 6....)

Wanna know what happens next?
Check out TROPHY GIRL, releasing July 11th from Samhain Publishing.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006 The Review: Oh My Goth, by Gena Showalter

Review comes straight from the pen of the 14 yr old rebel child who lives with me. Please keep that in mind while reading--she's not a professional reviewer and isn't the type who LIKED to write book reports. I can vouch for her, however--she did enjoy this book--ALOT. She grabbed it up immediately and wouldn't put it down for anything. She kept coming in to my room, laughing, reading aloud certain passages. As soon as she was done, she plunked it in my hands and demanded I read it. I will, but here's her take on it first....

I did help her out by giving her a list of questions her review should answer. I'll put those in paranthesis.

(Did this book meet your expectations?) This book [OH MY GOTH] far surpassed my expectations. I didn't think anyone could "get" what's going on with teens.

(Was it an easy read? Easy to get into/understand?) It was very simple to read, after you got the main point. First you had to grasp the basic terms used by the "Barbies" and "Goths".

(Were the characters believable? Could you relate to them?) The characters seemed very real. I could feel the emotion through the words. Its almost as if I were a part of the whole book. Everything was so realistic. I would have believed it to be non-fiction had I not known anything better. I could understand every character's actions if I thought of what I would have done in their positions. Very true and believable.

(What did you think of the plot?) The plot took off and brought you right into the story through a girl living an average teenage life of a Goth. The hardships, friends, enemies and teachers. She had it all in there. The message was well written and easy to understand once the last sentence of the book is read.

(What was your overall impression and would you recommend it to your friends?) I loved ever letter of this book. Every letter, every word, paragraph and every chapter. Not a single thing I wouldn't change (except maybe make some kind of sequel *hidden smile*) <---that really was in her review...

I have already promoed it and will continue to tell everyone I know to go buy it. It's the best book I've read! I couldn't put it down. I wanted to finish it to find out what happened, but I never wanted it to end. Never ever. *hint hint* May I say somehow a sequel*

The easiest way to describe this book:
This book will get you. Never knew I could love a book this much 'til I read this book. :)

I'm thinking the daughter definitely has rabid fan girl potential. Gena? Write this child something else--and if anyone else out there is writing YA or knows some good YA books that aren't "teen romance"--this teens is dying for summer reading materials.

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Monday, June 19, 2006 READ THIS BOOK!!!

Shannon Stacey writes killer humor and touching romance, but did you know she knows how to weave a fast paced, edge of your seat action packed suspense story that will require you to read it in one setting (and then ask, when's the next one due out?)

This just went live, so don't hesitate to head over there (click the cover) to get your copy. Do you love high pressure action scenes? check. Wanna read emotional scenes that twist your heart and make you hold your breath until you learn the outcome? You got it. How about love so true it tugs at your heart? Go, just go... get it, read it, love it!

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Thursday, June 15, 2006 The TBR Challenge: Lover Eternal by JR Ward

I'm pretty adventurous, imo, but since I've started writing, my reading time has become precious, precious minutes. For that reason, I no longer jump daringly into a book who's title tickled my fancy or because the cover model was HAWT. I used to walk into a bookstore and come out with at least three books, now I rarely buy, because I know they'll sit, languishing on my bookshelf.

So, I started listening to my friend's chatter. They talk books, alot. I'm supremely jealous of the time they have to read, but that just makes me listen harder. They take the risks, try the books I might have, once upon a time, and I tend to hear a general opinion. Of course, we all don't have the same tastes, but in general, if they're gushing and gushing for days, it means I need to pick it up.

This was the case with JR Ward's Dark Lover. I was months late, but I read it, in all my skepticalism about vampires (I hadn't really read a series of vampires I'd fallen in love with yet), and realized it WAS good.

So when I learned Lover Eternal was out, I picked it up. Sure, that was months ago. It's sat on my bookshelf still in the Waldenbooks bag. Then Angie announced her TBR challenge this month was to read something recommended--so I did. And boy am I glad that I did. So, here goes....

Title: Lover Eternal

Author: JD Ward

Year published: 2006

Why did you get this book? Cuz Jaci Burton and Angie and Shan said I HAD to

Do you like the cover? Yes. Fits with the first, designates part of a series well, and is sensual without being too in your face.

Did you enjoy the book? Very much

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again? I'd read Dark Lover and you KNOW I'm itching for the next book. In fact, I hereby hate Angie b/c she has an Arc of Lover Awakened, which she keeps teasing everyone about. In fact, I planned to state in my review that I couldn't even finish the book for that reason--in the end of Lover Eternal, there's a snippet of Lover Awakened. I did NOT read it. The suspense would kill me.

Are you keeping it or passing it on? It's a keeper.

Anything else? I think everyone has already caught on to JR's amazing Black Dagger Brotherhood. If you haven't, you owe it to yourself to experience the power of her storytelling.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006 Fresh and clean--after lots of caffeine

Now I know what Shan was talking about...it's pretty nerve wracking to update the blog, and for someone like me who's computer skills are just enough to give me the false hope I can do it, well.... (and *I* did it without the promise of an M&M Sundae... hmmm)

Truth is, I'm STILL supposed to be working on Continuing Education for that wonderful day job (pushes nose back to normal length), but I revamped my template instead. Yes, it's THAT bad. Gah.

On the way good side, I finished edits for Trophy Girl, which will be OUT, AVAILABLE and FOR SALE on July 11th. I realized while editing that I actually do like the book and the characters. I actually felt these were stronger than characters I've written in the past, at least to me. Means I'm learning, growing and getting better everytime... which is my goal :) But then again, maybe I was just too much in love with the bad boy race car driver and his hard assedness. Right now I'm working with the cover artist to create a cover that will personify Zander the way I see him. All fingers crossed for me, kay?

If you read the previous post, you'll be happy to know that Gena did deliver, bless her heart and my 14 yr old couldn't be more thrilled with OH MY GOTH so far. So a big thank you to Gena--you've definitely got a loyal fan in her--and in me, for being nice to my kid (we moms are pushovers like that, plus you write good stuff!). I'll be posting a review here soon, written by the kidlet.

Oh.... I've read a couple of books lately. Me and my Sony Clie have been buddies when my brain can't edit (or I'm avoiding that cont. ed stuff....)

I read Mandy Roth's Pisces Phenomenon--awesome characters and plot but dammit, the book was too short! Mandy, I know you can write those word whore books like me and I want to see those other characters get their turn, got it?

I also read Ann Wesley-Hardin's Coffee, Tea or Lea, and had a terrible time putting that down. Loved the characterization in that one--Ann's got a wicked sense of humor. Love it!

Finally, I just finished Shannon Stacey's 72 Hours. Hot *bleeping* damn. Fast paced, great characters--REAL characters. I can't emphasize how real they felt--they weren't perfect, their reactions were true to themselves, but not contrived or even necessarily predictable. And don't get me started on the plot. Intricate, well woven and spellbinding. I'm awed--Shan, you did a kick ass job, pal. I mean it! The best news is that you can get her book on June 20th. :)

Now, since I really do need that day job, I'm gonna dig in and get this work out of the way so I can get back and edit that werewolf story I just finished.... I did tell you about that, right? *evil grin*

See ya later!

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Friday, June 02, 2006 My blog has been interrupted to bring you....

My daughter is sending out a plea to one Gena Showalter in an attempt to bribe, beg, plead, use and abuse her mother and otherwise guilt her into an ARC of OH MY GOTH.

THIS (see above pictures) is how she attented her semi formal eighth grade dance. Yes. Yes, she did. I think it was all to get Gena's attention.

So far she's promised to read and REVIEW the book, providing me with a copy of the review to post everywhere and anywhere it could be helpful to sell this book. She actually also DID offer to wear a sandwich advetisement and stand in front of Borders or Barnes and Noble, but I thought that was a big extreme, even for such a drama queen.

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*please note that neither myself nor my daughter were hurt in the making of this blog, tho' the threat of various undescribable horrers were held above my head while posting this entry. I.e. She's really desperate--and I'm really tired of answering "not yet" to "Is the book out yet?"

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Thursday, June 01, 2006 Food for thought....

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is
- Oscar Wilde

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