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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Saturday, July 29, 2006 The kidlet tag...thanks Shan!

Shan tagged Goose here, so I asked the kidlet to answer a few questions. Liam's answers are adorable. My child's scare me. But here goes!

3 Things that scare me: No rum, no Johnny [Depp], no music

3 People that make me laugh: Johnny, Daddy, myself

3 Things that I love: Mom, Dad, Tim Burton Movies

3 Things that I hate: school (cuz it means bedtime and early alarm clock), people who judge and life without music

3 Things that I don’t understand: what’s so great about a boyfriend, why gas prices have to be so high, algebra

3 Things on my floor: fabric, cd’s and my bed

3 Things I am doing right now: pacing mom’s room, wearing a necklace as a halo and wracking my brain for answers

3 Things I can do: hold my hands together and pull them over my head*, draw, quote movies (specially POTC) *mom edit: imagine yourself in handcuffs. Imagine pulling your arms over your head until your hands are in front of you... still in handcuffs. Yes. she can. Then she can put them back behind her again.

3 Things I can’t do: sit still, teach myself another language, stop doing Jack Sparrow impressions

3 Ways to describe my personality: psychotic, completely random, dramatic

3 Things I think you should listen to: POTC soundtrack, AFI music and my dad

3 Things that I think you should never listen to: rap/R&B, me, the government

3 Absolute favorite foods: Chinese, Japanese, jamacian rum meltaways

3 Things I liked to learn: the Japanese language, the script to POTC, guitar

3 Beverages I drink regularly: virgin strawberry daiquiri, Sobe, Mt. Dew

3 Shows I watch: Criss Angel, Full Metal Alchemist, Cops

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Friday, July 28, 2006 How's it Friday already?

My life is a pretty standard routine. Get up, IM with my pals while getting read for work. Eight hours at the office, come home, do those gotta-do's and then write. Same ole-same ole I doubt is worth blogging about.

I'm working on "witch-lit", my silly name for a story about--you guessed it, witches. Not sure it's gonna turn out real "chick-lit"-like, but it's fun. Been chatting with a couple of pals about an anthology, which sounds like alot of fun. Of course, we're imposing deadlines upon ourselves. *shudders*

Last night I thought I was gonna have to put an APB out on Noah, cuz it was raining--no, pouring stead for over two hours. Of course, I was out in it. Had to pick up the daughter from grandparents, then go by and get a pie (Baker's Square, yummy--it's for the office today, in celebration of boss's b-day over the weekend. We're in it solely for the pie... really).

Then the hubby wanted tacos and pizza at a killer Italian restaurant, so we stopped to get a carryout... and I drew the short straw. Okay, there was no parking places near the door so he dropped me off and waited, moving as cars needed to get through. It was raining so hard I dripped on the pizza box all the way home. There were wet footprints when I walked to the bathroom and I literally had to towel dry.

The plus? My hair was soooooo soft. Me thinks I wanna play diva and make someone collect rain, heat it and wash my hair with it. Every morning. *snicker* (it'll happen after hell freezes over THEN thaws again)

Off for now. Stop by my myspace spot and say hi (http://www.myspace.com/melaniblazer) Or you can comment here :) Lemme know how your weeks going. Are you missing RWA? Reading anything good?
See ya!~

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Sunday, July 23, 2006 The good, the bad....the weekend

First off, this post will not be about writing. Okay, maybe that should fall under "the bad" category, because the amount of writing I did this weekend was pitiful. I should have kicked ass, taken names and damn near finished the proposal. But... that didn't happen.

The good:
a) I got to see my nieces/nephew who living in Georgia. They're all under ten, but growing SOOOO fast. Even my nephew, who has Muscular Distrophy, seeemed to be doing amazingly well. (note: if anyone has the opportunity to donate to MDA, please do--they are doing amazing things to help people with this terrible disease, and knowing a little boy with it is heart shattering.)

b) I went to a fair in a nearby county and saw "Big and Rich" in concert. Okay, I sorta kinda cheated, as I didn't have the funds in my budget for $30-$40 per seat tickets, and it was an outdoor concert, so...we found a killer place to park the pickup and sat in the bed and watched the ant sized Big Kenny and John be silly on stage. If you're into country music (C'mon, you GOTTA love "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy") and have the chance to see them--do. They are excellent and sound JUST like the CD. They have a killer sense of humor too.

While at the fair, I did get to check out LOTS of cowboys. (I caught my husband checking out the cowgirls, too.) There's just something sexy about a man in snug fitting jeans, cowboy hat and boots. Hot damn. I'm thinking somewhere, someday I've gotta write me a cowboy story.

c) I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2 again. While I don't think it's as good as the first one--a bit more farfetched and...there were lots of loose ends. (I don't like the way Will ended up looking even MORE wimpy and where the hell is Elizabeth's loyalty, anyway?) Jack was just as you expect and it IS hugely entertaining. Check it out. Just hands off--Will is SOOOO mine.

d) Today we hit our local beach for the annual mud bog competition. Always fun to see the local boys get in their souped up pickups and SUV's and try to make it through up to four feet of mud.

So... the bad:
a) I didn't write... much. I think maybe 800 words. Blech.

b) People have left or preparing to leave for RWA. Means I'm not, and I truly wish I were going this year. *sigh* (Don't worry, it's left behind syndrome...)

c) The top of my head is SUNBURNED!!!! Only the fourth time this year I'm gonna have dandruff like flakes right down the center of my skull. If I shaved myself bald right now, I'd have a pinkish red mohawk strip. (Shudders at the thought)

d) I accomplished sooooo little of my to do list this weekend. Am about 1% prepared for the garage sale in two weeks. Didn't finish proprosal (yeah, that's bugging me). Didn't do laundry (okay, I JUST threw a load in, but it's 6:30 Sunday night... can you say hopeless case?).

e) Dropped my Sony Clie in the hallway--on wood floors and thought I broke it. Seriously. It wouldn't turn on. It has my phone numbers, all my ebooks and alot of pictures on it. I would have cried. Totally cried. The silver lining is that it was only the on/off switch that needed to be popped back into place (the spring thingy was out of place) so I managed to fix it.
(Gets on knees and thanks God.)

So...That was my weekend. I hope you found fun, inspiration and something to smile about. And I truly hope that everyone can make a list like mine and find the good definitely outweighs the bad.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006 Beware the supermarket

First, I must prequisite this post with another story first...my mother in law has had a number of exciting events that have all happened at the supermarket, in the company of my daugthter. The most memorable of these occurrences had been, up until this point, when a can of biscuits exploded right off the shelf and just missed my mother in law's head. The bicuits...not the can.
It probably would have been funnier if a she'd been clobbered with a biscuit, but please, what are the chances that she would be standing there just as that can blew up?

So, today, my daughter accompanies my mother in law to Meijer. If you're not familiar with Meijer, think Superwalmart/SuperKmart/etc.... grocery+convenience.... Anyhoot, they're shopping along and all of a sudden, two birds fly overhead. Yes, in the store. It happens. But after dive bomb number three, my daughter reaches up and manages to brush one of the birds, clearly enough to force a crash landing, then swiped it up and well, realized she caught a bird. In the store. Turns out it was a baby parakeet that had gotten loose from the pet area. While it tried to eat her alive, my mother in law found a store personnel who collected it and put it back into the cage.
I've dubbed the daughter Capt'n Parakeet. She's a hero.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006 Whirlwind

This last week has been nothing short of a whirlwind.

First off, been trying to hang out and post at the Samhain Reader Appreciation Week. It ends today but you can read a week's worth of excerpt blitzes here.

Last night I babysat my 10 month old neice. It was the first I'd had her since January--wow has she grown. While it was fun--I'd definitely forgotten how a baby requires 100% of your attention! My daughter will be 15 soon. (And she was NOT amused at all with babysitting at all. She's decided no kids... ever!)

Alot of buzz is zipping around blogland about the RWA convention. The trip wasn't in the cards for me this year, and I can't predict what next year will bring, but Jaci has pointed out there will be a blog called BloggingNational for us to check out and get immediate details on the breaking news.

Off to write, watch Nascar and listen to my daughter pretend she's part of Cap'n Jack Sparrow's crew. (She's a POTC nut!) Oh, and she's started a book of her own. --not pirates tho'...vampire!


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Monday, July 10, 2006 IT'S OUT!!!!

My stomach never hesitates to do cartwheels on release day. I panic...will they like it, will anyone love it? Is it stupid?
Tonight of all nights, I agree (on the premises this was a quick there and back trip) to go with the hubby to deliver some engine parts for one of the bosses at his job (for his personal vehicle).
Once there, it was obvious help was needed and three hours later, and at least a quart of used oil coating my clothes, hands, arms and face, (and the husband's too) I convinced him I needed to get HOME!

Anyway, without further ado, TROPHY GIRL is OUT and available at Samhain Publishing, Ltd, and My Book Store and More.


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Trophy Girl Excerpt

It releases tomorrow! (And alot of times, MBAM has them up for sale the night before, sorta like the midnight showing the night before)

Here's the excertp that's on the Samhain Publishing site. I'll try to post another one later. ;)

TROPHY GIRL, (C) 2006, Melani Blazer
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

The media were already lining up behind his SUV when Zander got out of the vehicle in the hotel parking lot. He should talk to them, toss out promo for the camp and the brand new "Dream Come True" foundation he would be donating his time to. But he knew they didn't want to hear that. No, they were more interested in the rumors about his car chief, if his sponsor had signed on again for next year and if the recent lull in his "public" private life had anything to do with his lackluster performance on the track. He'd burned that article. And the one suggesting he was gay. Okay, that one had actually made him laugh. All these years his sexual preference had never been questioned and he went one weekend at the track without a female presence and suddenly he had jumped the fence.
Pasting on a practiced and very fake smile, he waved at the hated flashbulbs and ducked into the lobby. Could it be worse if he were a movie star? All he wanted to do was drive, dammit. That's where he worked best, all strapped in to a seven hundred plus horsepower drive machine and let loose with forty of the world's best drivers. Let someone else handle all this media shit. He was tired of defending his personal life—most of it focusing on his love life. Pretty funny considering he didn't even have one. He'd tried a relationship, with more than disastrous results. Never again. Never.
He shot his hand through his hair and thanked his lucky stars the elevator was empty.
Room four-twenty. He paused with his fist poised just beneath the number. He was early, but was taking no chances. He'd asked her on a whim. Wasn't something he'd planned until the words were out of his mouth. She was the polar opposite of what the media seemed to like to pair him with. Plenty attractive in a wholesome way, clearly intelligent and hey, she spent her vacation volunteering for kids. He dared the media to say something bad about that.
When he knocked and she answered the door completely ready, he smiled. Perfect. He knew she'd be there, and had guessed she'd be dressed professionally. Boring.
"You look…nice," he said, noting the harsh black pantsuit she wore at least outlined her very shapely figure. With a little wardrobe help, she'd look stunning on his arm. That should sell some papers.
She winced and smoothed her hands over her hips. "You're early."
"You're ready. Besides, I've got a stop to make first." He gave her his best half-grin and waited.
Molly's shoulders rose and fell, then she closed the door on him. His smile erupted and he let out a chuckle. Damn, this was going to be fun.
"I'd really prefer to drive," she informed him as she emerged from the room a moment later and ducked under his arm. She headed straight for the elevator without slowing down. "I wish I'd known how to reach you earlier and I would have told you that."
He lifted an eyebrow. Was she afraid of him? Why else did she dart away like he might harm her? "I don’t think so, Miss Molly. Can you imagine how the media would have a field day with that?"
"You asked me to come to give a report on the kids, not make you look good in print," she reminded him.
He eyed her up and down, enjoying the flash of fire in her. Much better than the gold diggers who seemed to be hot on his heels at every venue he visited.
"Let's compromise here." Zander leaned in as they boarded the elevator. She wore a sinful scent, one that filled his mind with images of black lace, creamy skin and sex. Damn, she smelled delicious. She stood facing straight ahead on the other side of the small space. Moving closer, intentionally too close for her to remain comfortable, he spoke barely above a whisper. "I'll feed you if you pretend you enjoy my company. You'll get to sing praises to the board, they'll continue to think the camp is a brilliant idea, all will be great."
She crossed her arms over her chest, but he could see her chest rising and falling unevenly. So she wasn't unaffected!
"And you'll get the benefit of having a single woman on your arm."
"Thank God you're single. I'd hate to have to beat up a jealous husband."
She snorted, then frowned at him, causing her smooth forehead to wrinkle. "You're incorrigible."
"But you'll do it?"
He didn't worry that she didn't answer. Meant she was thinking about it.
"You drove, eh?" she commented when he led her up to the dark SUV.
"I am a driver." Did she really need reminding? And no way was he going to have someone cart him around. He dealt with enough of that at the track. Hell, they didn't even let him drive his own golf cart to and from his trailer.
"Yeah, I know that," she replied, pursing those perfectly painted lips in a show of impatience. She even ignored his hand as he offered to help her climb up into his truck. Okay, her rebellion was starting to get old. She could at least be polite.
He got in his side. "Are you really angry with me about this whole thing?" He doubted it—she had been ready to go.
"I'm here aren't I?" she slung back, then shook her head and turned sideways as he buckled his seat belt and lowered the tilt wheel. "But then, you probably think I came because you're famous."
"Didn't you?"
"No," she retorted, leaning back in the seat and crossing her arms over her chest. She couldn’t possibly realize the scowl brought color to her cheeks and the way she pushed against her chest made her enticing cleavage a little more visible. "Though you could have warned me about the camera crew you'd brought along." She waved out the window at the sporadic pops of the bright flashes.
"They're annoying as hell and there'll be plenty more at the dinner. But back to you—I'm a bit surprised you came without more of a fight. You're just jumping in a vehicle with a stranger and—"
"Oh please. Zander, you know damn well you had the advantage of your fame—yes, I know who you are and what you do, but I'm not interested in a relationship, sex, or your damn money."
"Who said anything about sex?" He didn't hide his smile. Any minute now, there'd be smoke rising from her ears.
"Just drive, dammit. Drive."
"I can do that," he said. But that conversation was far from over. Far from over. He was dying to ask why she'd come, since she'd adamantly denied all the logical reasons. He'd pissed her off. Damn, she was cute when she pouted.
She kept her eyes averted. That was just fine with him. It gave him the chance to really study her features. She had a great profile, strong, yet feminine all at once. She was too pale—the girl clearly needed to get out in the sun more, but somehow the contrast with her near black hair and dark blue eyes made her—not pretty, no, she was past pretty. She wasn't necessarily glamorous either—he'd seen too many of those mask wearing females whose appearance was shallow. Molly had a glow about her, making her almost untouchable. Well, no, that wasn't quite what he was thinking, either.
Shit. He hit the brakes and swerved to miss the car in front of him whose driver had decided to turn without a signal. "Bastard," he muttered. Glancing over at Molly, he growled at the amused lift of her eyebrows and the corner of her mouth.
"Where are you going in such a hurry?" she asked. "It's not 'til seven, right?"
He tightened his grip on the steering wheel and refused to look over at her. She was damn distracting and the last thing he wanted was the humiliation of a car accident. Those were bad enough on track, where they were usually acceptable. "I need to do a bit of shopping."
Zander had made a few inquiries at the front desk of the hotel, learning the location of the best women's dress store in town, then made a call. When he parked in front of the upscale boutique, Molly didn't say a word. Neither did she budge from her arms-over-chest, eyes-straight-ahead pose.
"You getting out, or do you trust me enough to do this on my own?" he teased.
"Sweetheart, you look nice and all, but that's not nearly what I had in mind for you to be wearing tonight." Damn, she was gonna go ballistic, he just knew it. And his groin tightened in anticipation. So maybe he did have a death wish. He loved controversy, courted it constantly. But never had pissing off a cameraman been as much fun as this.

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Friday, July 07, 2006 *CONTEST*CONTEST*CONTEST*

See what kind of week it is? I totally blew off my post it note that said "run contest"...*slaps self*


Trophy Girl releases July 11th from Samhain Publishing.But I've got the files already and willing to give a few away. Interested? C'mon, a sexy Nascar driver with a bad reputation as a ladies man, girl next door who isn't impressed with his fame and fortune and the media who are determined to drive them both crazy. Check out this blistering hot story!

Wanna win a copy before you can buy it? Email me at contests@melaniblazer.com. Put Trophy Girl in the subject line and tell me where you saw this message (my blog, myspace, yahoo groups...) Good luck.




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Thursday, July 06, 2006 Weird Week

I'm a creature of habit. If I don't get up and adhere to a semi normal schedule, my internal rhythm goes haywire. Having Monday AND Tuesday off really did it for me. How the heck can it be Thursday? Seriously?

How can one achieve a to do list in three days? Although I did get my website updated with my new cover. (Note, it got put up here earlier than the official site because???? this is the procrastination palace and well, I was clearly avoiding something else at the time...)

I'm dying to get to my camera. I can't believe I don't even have any film. Well, I do, a roll of B&W, but it's brilliant summer and it needs color, living, breathing color!!! My goal this weekend is to blow at least one roll of 24 experimenting with different textures and motions. If I'm remotely successful I'll post here.

I've been writing a werewolf story. Okay, I wrote one, decided there was a story that came before and started that. Only it sorta fizzled and so I went to a story I call "witchlit". Been toying with that, but I've really nothing to report on the writing scene. Other than, of course, the release of TROPHY GIRL next TUESDAY from SAMHAIN PUBLISHING.

It's hot, it's fast and Zander's yummy, so check it out. (It's Thursday....it's releasing Tuesday. Good god, I'm way behind.)

I've gotta fly, see you all tomorrow. TGIF--already!


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