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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Monday, January 31, 2005 Pushhhhhhhhhhhhh

Quite different from the memory of the delivery room and the doctor was telling me NOT to push yet...

Now it's not a doctor, but my editor. I'm being coached by my longtime writer friend and CP. What I'm trying to give birth to here is a emotional, quick paced,interest grabbing story. (And as I write this I'm thinking WHOA, wait a minute, who's the father? All this time I thought my muse was female....)

In a weird sort of way, writing these stories *is* alot like having children. While that muse jumping on my bed event the other morning had little resemblence to the delightul activities that lead to pregnancy, there still is a certain magical quality behind it.

Think about it...how many of us are proud of our first borns, even if they are flawed (and kept in a box under the bed like a unfit-for-society caged animal)...? (bad mom!) and is it not ironic that we CALL them our first-borns?

I couldn't imagine going through this alone. The morning sickness stage is pretty damn close to those first thoughts of... is my plot strong enough to keep the story going? Do I have enough motivation for the characters to act on? Is the heroine to reactive or the hero a wimp? Will my ending be too contrived? --One has to have a friend hold your hair (okay, bad visual).... how about listen to your rants and stick with you despite emotional highs and lows that turn you from a crybaby to the devil reincarnate...

But soon, that passes, and then there's that confirmation--that feather light hint of life that restores the author's faith in her work. But at the same time, there's a weight to bear, a responsibility now that becomes much clearer--stay true to characterization, stay on track with motivations and conflict so that resolution is complete. From here on out it's truly a labor of love. Thank God you've got those friends to help you up off the couch or into the car (or to tie your shoes when you can't even see them). And to get you that third bowl of banana berry ice cream with caramel sauce.

Labor pains= editing, at least for me. While there's the glory that tells you without a doubt the end is near, you're damn near wits-end begging for mercy. That's when that support team is most important. They seem to be able to see things more clearly, to hold your hand and promise that it'll be worth it. And then, you have it. The finished manuscript.

And I lied in that first sentence. I'm really at the first part, the almost to the morning sickness "am I out of my mind thinking this story will work?" point. There's a long way to go.

Ugh. Maybe I should have adopted...


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Saturday, January 29, 2005 Muse hunting

No, no, I don't live in Canada and mean MOOSE hunting.
I said muse hunting.

Cuz well, that pesky rodent of a creature woke me up JUST as I had fallen back to sleep circa 6am (after I'd gotten up ONLY to plug in dh's coffee maker and ONLY because he was running late and I'd kept him up until 11... but I digress --as usual)

So I'm laying there, FINALLY having the queen bed and down comforter (and dh's pillow) all to myself and WHAM... there's madame(madman, that should be) muse, sitting my chest, poking me in the chin.

M: "Wake up, I got an idea."

Mel: Rolls over, pulls up covers. "Go away."

M: "No listen, this is a good one."

Mel: "You said that about all of em. But if they're so damn good, why do you tell me now--or when I'm driving, or when I'm in the shower?"

M: *giggles*

Mel: shoves at Muse and flops onto stomach, head under pillow

M: "Guess you don't wanna hear about a story I've named already."

Mel: Stops. Realizes that titles are a nemesis (realizing now why--the title faerie has teamed up with muse!). But usually ideas WITH titles are worth listening to. "You got external plot, hot sex, internal conflicts and a HEA?"

M: "OH, I've got it all. Plus racing fuel."

Mel: *whimper*

M: Bouncing on bed beside head "What was that? Hey, remember, you brought your laptop into the bedroom last night. It's right there, on the floor. Want me to turn it on for you?"

Mel: "I'll remember it. Keep talking."

M: Recites perfect synopsis and starts dictating first chapter

Mel: "Stop! Stop. Get the laptop. You didn't TELL ME you had a synopsis."

M: Shrugging, "Didn't know you cared."

Mel: aaaaaaargh! Starts typing. Madly. Ignores typos.... fills three pages with story and half page synopsis. Then looks at clock. Then curses.

M: "There, don't you feel better now?"

Mel: "No, but if I lay back down now, I can get fifteen minutes of sleep before I have to get up."

M: smirking "So you think."

7 minutes later: phone rings. (for real)
Mel: "What?"
DH: "I have a story idea for you."
Mel: hangs up

DH calls back "What the *bleep* did you do that for?"
Mel: "You wouldn't understand."
DH: "Okay. never mind on the story idea anyway. Just wanted to tell you that I forgot to unplug the coffee pot."
Mel: Mumbling "Conspiracy, I swear."
APB out on Mel's Muse. Wanted for disturbing my peace. Warning: this muse is armed with crazy ideas (but titles and synopsis) and dangerous (often ideas are 70+ K word count). Might be accompanied by innocent looking but very hard to catch title faerie and the elusive synopsis nymph. Reward for their capture. Torture if necessary. Wanted dead or alive. Preferably in a coma until I'm ready for next book.

~Mel, who's UP already and getting into the shower now... Geesh!

M: heard dancing on the roof "Bwaahahhahahahahahahahahahaah"
Mel: I hope your feet get frostbitten.... beotch!

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Thursday, January 27, 2005 Life's little rewards...

So, I go to the store. If you haven't read previous blog, you won't understand, and tough, cuz I ain't reliving THAT dumbass moment... (thanks, Jaci... so glad you clarified that)

Anyway, Dh's big idea (after I announced I needed a new camera battery RIGHTNOW!) was "Oh, yeah, cuz we gotta get bird food and squirrel food. Little critters were scrounging around for food yesterday."

(I didn't have the heart to remind him that the guy behind our house has like 15 bird houses and feeders on the tree and attached to his shed. Birds saw *sucker* written on his forehead)

Now, I love this about him. He loves animals. Takes care of them. *HE* even says, should he ever became a millionaire it'd be shortlived, cuz he'd spend it all on getting a big animal preserve/shelter etc and take in all the abandoned animals he could find. Trust me. He is solely responsible for the houseful of cats I have. And still awws when he sees a baby anything. His squirrels are special (I've got pictures of them, too... I'll hafta dig em up) He feeds them religiously. And the corn was gone. Time to get more corn, and of course, no less than a 10lb bag of wild bird seed. But the high winds massacred the last cheap-o birdfeeder we had (yeah, Mel, go invest in one that'll last--not!) so we bought two under-$4 birdfeeders with which to distribute said feed.

Then I added my battery to the cart. Then the cart miraculously led us to the book section. (another reason I love my DH)


to my glee...
there was a new Bradley Trevor Greive book!
Of course I bought it.
I've got the perfect person in mind to share this with too... It's called Friends to the End, the true value of friendship. *sigh* I hope you all get a chance to read this--even if you flip through it at the bookstore. :)

~Mel, who hopes the birds and squirrels are as happy as she is!

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When all else fails, discuss the weather...

Bring on the storms Posted by Hello

I don't care what that thermometer reads, it's damn cold out there.

Lemme tell you what a DOOFUS the author of this blog is. No....really.
She put her camera--her expensive Minolta with the 80/200 zoom lens--behind the seat of her little pickup truck...
...three days ago.

Then she forgot about it.
The high temp around here has been in the mid-30's. It's about 15 out there now.
Electronics NO likey cold temperature.

But... walking out of work at 5:05pm, she spies a pretty pink ribbon coating the horizon and decides she will FINALLY get down to the lake, absolutely-no-excuses-gonna-do-it.

And she DID!
But, alas, discovered not only had she left said camera in said truck in said cold. *bad Mel*... she'd left it ON.

Can you say beautiful last bit of pink and peach rays just over hills of ice with a never ending horizon? Can you say, omg, I can actually time it and get the lighthouse light when it rotates toward me and have that punctuate the photo?
Can you say camera's not turning on because I forgot to wear my stupid sign and actually THOUGHT the camera would freaking cooperate, despite the punishment I'd given it?

At least I made it out there.

*I* know what that damn mocking light looked like as it swirled around. *I* know how the giant ice mountains rose out of the lake and engulfed the beach. *I* know that the blend of colors--pinks and blues exactly matched the fury painted on my cheeks and the color of my lips while I stood there, wind whipping hair into my face while I cursed batteries and cold weather...

No, really, --I'm laughing about this.
It's another demonstration of what happens when one procrastinates. If I would have gone the night I wanted to go, my battery would be alive. My camera wouldn't be a frozen piece of black plastic, metal and glass and I'd be here telling you I was going to get my pictures developed tonight instead of wondering how icy weather affects negatives (and wondering WTF else is on that film!)...

So, instead, I've gone through the library of previously taken pictures and found one...Bring on the storm. *In a sad, sick little way, I found enough humor in this picure to stick my tongue out and go, NA-na-na-na-na at the about to be drenched lighthouse. It's kind of like watching the bully who beat you up in grade school get punched in the mouth by an even bigger kid in Jr. high. Only on an artistic scale. :P

Now, I'm gonna go buy another *grumble mumble* battery. Hrmph.


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Wednesday, January 26, 2005 If you first do not succeed....

Do-overs. How sweet life would be without do-overs.

First off, I didn't get to the Lake last night cuz Fed Ex attempted a delivery of important papers and I had to go fetch them immediately afterwork. I think, however, that any twinge of disappointment from missing what would have been a dismal gray bit of scenery was surpassed by the satisfaction of handing the check to the credit union to pay off my car. Hip-hip-hoooorayyyy!

Camera still in car... consider today a "do-over" of that photography stint.

In larger things, I've "re-done" the first few pages of my vampire story more than once. It's a do-re-do-re-do type of singsong, but shockingly, it's been rather amusing. Cp's have asked that I add more description to a few secondary characters--friends of the heroine. These are friends she hasn't seen in about 10 yrs--they were all inseperable in high school, and their reunion...well, I don't wanna give too much away, so I won't saw more about that. Anyway, I wanted to describe by showing how heroine saw them in HS and now. The fun was trying, without being stereotypical, to show the comparison, but give them unique features or personality traits. I gave my artsy gal an asymmetrical pink hair, but she finally said she was artsy, NOT punk, and while she had a pink streak in her hair--for only about 3 months, it was most definitely NOT all pink or cut crooked. Hrmph. Well la-dee-da, see if you get your own story, miss prissy.

One of the other gals was quite willing to cooperate, thank you. But then there's... "S" who hinted she worked in real estate now, and really was the "leader" of the group, but won't tell me any more about her or even what she's wearing.

Hey, Jaci, lemme borrow that flogger, I got some characters to whip into shape!


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Tuesday, January 25, 2005 Being Bad feels so good...until you're caught...

Sneaking in a post from work because that rebellious streak in me just wants to. :P

The sun is shining today, a good sign, especially since I have my camera in my truck for that after work excursion. Pastel blue skies almost look inviting, but I know it's an illusion. That temp's still wavering around freezing out there. And the trees aren't swaying in a warm breeze--they're shivering from it. So I think until I have to, I'll admire it from THIS side of the office windows.

Had a light bulb moment last night. I played type/delete/type/delete game for over an hour, and then gave up. THEN I realized I need to just START OVER. Of course, when the light came on at 5am, it wasn't a good thing. At least, not when I had no motivation to get up and do anything about it. But it gives me something to look forward to when I can leave this SDJ and settle in to my quiet writing room (living in illusions, aren't I?) and get it done. :P

I have a feeling that once I get my head straight on this one, it's gonna fly! *yay*

Ciao! (before I really get caught!)


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Monday, January 24, 2005 In Perspective

I took this last fall, a shot from the top of a tall dune looking over Lake Michigan.  Posted by Hello

This picture makes me think of that saying, can't see the forest for the trees.
Funny how that can apply to writing, as well.

While I'm not guilty of it today, I do remind myself often that I need to write for the joy of it--the love of creating worlds and characters. I can't write something just because someone tells me to, or expects me to. Maybe it's the rebel in me, but if someone gave me an outline, I'd tell 'em to stick it, and that no way--no how a decent story would emerge from MY computer based on their points.

But sometimes people give me ideas--sometimes intentionally, sometimes without realizing. And then I can push past the trees and discover the forest (or river, or ocean, or secret colony of tree nymphs hiding beneath dew covered leaves...) and decide what *I* want to focus on.

I didn't come here to get philosophical, but while "playing" with this great photo deal through Hello, I discovered that picture and it had a meaning, which is why I'm sharing. (After all, it's my blog, I get to do what I want *EG*) I'll prolly do that more often from now on, cuz while I am a writer, sometimes a picture says more than I ever can. That's why my...four! cameras are always loaded with film and batteries and ready to go at a moments notice. :)

Full moon out there tonight, I noticed. And we had a beautiful sunset. Tomorrow I'm going to take my camera to work so I can head straight for the lake at 5 and see about catching a few golden rays hitting the ice. The prospect of this excites me. And it feel damn good to be excited about something. :)


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Oh, my aching head! Posted by Hello

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Sunday, January 23, 2005 The Merry Go Round

That's best ride to describe today.
Woke up--okay. Then the headache started. Got sooooo bad I was queasy just to walk.
Went back to bed.
Got up, not much better, but determined NOT to let my ONLY day off get ruined.

So, I cleaned bathroom floor, did laundry, dishes and made fudge. Oh, and put away the 4 baskets of laundry I'd done and brought up.

Through this all, my little Goose--the nickname for the 13 yr old daughter--has been following me around. Doing what DH has termed the "Who put a quarter in HER?" mad babble. Right now she's eating macaroni and cheese with her chopsticks. Never a dull moment around here.

But I realized, while scanning blogs and contemplating what wisdom I could possible emit today, that I haven't talked much about writing. (see title of blog--it's avoidance, I figure.)

But today, I've needed to write, wanted to write, and blame some course and force of nature on the headache that has prevented me from being able to focus my eyes on anything--or think and type at the same time.

The vamp novella I'm working on came back from CP with basically a rewrite post it stuck to the main characters forehead. It'd be easier than editing, really, and I'm kind of anxious to get moving on it.
Magic, the only title I'd given the first person, paranormal comedy I had been working on goes to backseat (where it might get the little extra action it needs...tosses condom to Q&E and lets em go at it)

HOT ROD HEAVEN releases in .....about 3 weeks. Trying to keep my name out there has been a bit challenging this last week. Starting tomorrow (keeping with the Procrastination theme here) I'll be working much harder at that.

Now, I've got to go act on a decision I made earlier--one I dread doing, only because I think it will disappoint some people I care about. But I also can't live with myself if I continue to do something ONLY for the sake of being expected to.
Why isn't there a third option? LOL.

Okay... off to whip a certain vampire into shape.


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Prelude to "how'd they know"

Just so you know, I went back and had some fun with the HTML of the next post, and put my comments in bold.

I really wasn't going to copy what Shan had done, but after reading these and going, OMG, I had to.

It might be all I get accomplished today.

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How did they know?

You Know You're From Indiana When...

You drive for three hours and the scenery outside doesn't change. (this is true after the first half hour)

There's three feet of snow on the ground and school is still in session.

You only go to the mall once a year 'cause it takes too long to get there. Um, no, cuz I'm lucky enough to live in the town where the mall is... so we go.. once a month.

While driving all you see is corn.

People still have Christmas decorations up at Easter.

You start saying to yourself "More than corn in Indiana my butt."

Anyone with a cell phone looks out of place. not so anymore...
Walking through Wal-Mart with two carts full of kids is normal.

Anyone with a tan is rich.

The hip hang-out place is McDonald's. (or Burger King)

There really is more than corn in Indiana. There’s soybeans, too. (they're right)

When you plan an orgy and a Euchre game breaks out. can't say I've been to one...

A restaurant has an invisible wall in the non-smoking section and you believe it works. restaurants have these--but we don't believe...

Speeding consists of 2 miles over the speed limit. (make that 22)

You think you don't have to use a turn signal on your car because you don't use it on your tractor. I was wondering what all those people's problems were... now I get it!!!

You build your dream house on a cornfield, and you considered it posh. It's not?

You warsh your clothes and you think George Warshington was the first president.

You're proud to be called a Hoosier, even if you don't know what one is.

You have no problem spelling or pronouncing "Terre Haute" *snort*

Detassling was your first job. Bailing hay, your second. um...no, but I did muck stalls and yes, I've bailed hay. We have hay fields too!

You can stack hay, swim in the pond to clean off, and then have the strength to play a couple of games of hoops all in the same day.

You say things like "catty-wumpus" and "kitty-corner". you don't?

You own a dirtbike or a ATV. again... you don't? (Shan, I KNOW you do, bwahaha)

You live in a city ... and there's a cornfield in your backyard. one more row of houses, THEN the cornfield

High school basketball game draws a bigger crowd on the weekend nights than movie theaters. football too!

You can see at least 2 basketball hoops from your yard.

You can name every one of Bob Knight's "exploits" over the last few years. no, but I know lots of people who can!

You shop at Marsh. I do? no silly, I got to Wal-mart

Damon Bailey was your childhood hero. who?

The biggest question of your youth was "IU or Purdue?" hey... don't knock us.. there was Valpo and Notre Dame as options too...

Indianapolis is the "big city".

"Getting caught by a train" is a legitimate excuse for being late to school. shhh, still is!

People at your high school chewed tobacco. Sad, but true

Everyone knows who the town cop is, where he lives, and whether he is at home or on duty.

You actually know what the CART vs IRL debate is about and have taken a side. don't ask, that's another blog!

To you, a raccoon is simply a "coon". Yup. We got possum's too.

The vehicle of choice in your area is not a car, but a pickup. :D
Someone you know is BIG John Mellencamp fan.

You've been to the Covered Bridge Festival. Not sure I have, but I've been to the Popcorn Fest, the Blueberry Fest and Oktoberfest. Oh, and the pumpkin fest...

To you, a tenderloin is not an expensive cut of beef, but a big, salty, breaded piece of pork served on a bun with pickles.

You call a green bell pepper a "mango".

Sometimes, you call the toilet the "commode" or the "stool".

In the fall, one of your favorite pranks was corning cars.

You know what FFA and 4H stand for.

You know what chip-and-seal is, and your high school was located on just such a road.

You go the county fair every night of it's week-long duration.

You can say "French Lick" without laughing out loud.

There's actually a college near you named "Ball State."

The last "g" is silent in any word ending in "ing." What are you sayin'?

You think the state Bird is Larry. Larry's from French Lick--that's their city bird. Rest of the state is a cardinal

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Indiana.

Get Your Own "You Know You're From" Meme Here

More cool things for your blog at

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Saturday, January 22, 2005 Why don't *I* get a snow day?

Only had about 6 inches fall overnight. Not that I'm disappointed. Even if it had been 26, I'd still be expected to make the 1 mile trek into the office for a measly underpaid three hours. :(

But I have to say, I did feel pretty damn inspired this morning when I looked out the front window, the dawn barely turning night to day and saw the pure whiteness. I thought about Christmas time, when someone blessed us with an internet address where you make your own snowflakes and my daughter and I spent hours refining our skills and creating masterpiece after masterpiece. And I look outside and realize...they're all different. Everyone of those flakes--zillions of them, are all different.

Made me feel rather small.
not in a bad way. I love finding awe. It seems a forgotten emotion, a rawness that has been stolen from this world. I don't mind being reminded that we, as humans, have not conquered the power of nature--tho' greedy as we are, we've sure affected it. I've wondered if I were born in the wrong century. While I'll be the first to admit I couldn't live without electricity and indoor plumbing, I almost think it could be worth it to stand on a hill and look upon unspoiled lands below--or even spot the small, unobtrusive homes with smoke billowing from their chimneys--residences that aren't impeding upon the landscape, but enhancing it. I'd love to find water that's pure enough to drink, breathe clean air and feel feel the grandeur of it all.

Not that time traveling back a century (or three) would hand these things to me. I'd probably find my romanticed notions would be sadly disappointed.
I suppose this is why I started creating my own worlds where I can live these kind of days. ;)

I hope you find awe today--in a snowflake, a sunset or a child's eyes.


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Friday, January 21, 2005 Oh, look, I can do pictures now!

Ah, Lake Michigan when it's angry. Posted by Hello

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Thursday, January 20, 2005 Clearly, she didn't share the braincell

I typed out this LOVELY long, boring post about crap no one wants to know anyway--like the highlight of my day was changing a toilet seat and how I spent an hour in my husband's dream come true (we visited the MAC truck--tools, you see, are better than nakie women in his book)

sigh... and then I didn't post it or something. Saved as draft.
What GOOD is that? so I can come back later and ask myself, "Mel, do you really think anyone CARES?"

No seriously, this was... DULL.
Didn't do anything as inspiring as Shan and her football movie. Didn't write Werewolf nookie like Jaci...barely opened my WIP at all.

Bad me.
But.... there's hope.
It's Friday.
Despite taking on this new supposedly get it off your chest self-psychological help that blogging can be, this has been an icky week. I'll be glad to get it over so I can have a relaxing weekend and plunge headfirst into next week. Or bellyflop. It's a fifty-fifty chance. (Here's your Olympic Medal, Shan....Throw the short one off the 10 meter platform, he'll get the hang of it, even if you do hear "poopyhead" echoing through the pool area as he falls.)

Anyway, I'm gonna make fudge this weekend.
And write.
And edit.
And rest.
Goals are wonderful things, huh?
But right now, it's pre-6am.
There's no reason I'm here. I'm not expected at work for 3hrs.
Heading back to bed!


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That was some kiss...

I promise, this won't get graphic... I tend to cover my eyes and scream TMI when not referring to sex between fictional characters. And I certainly could never discuss my own sex life (in any detail) OY!

I've been married 15 yrs (well, it will be in March, close enough). It's NOT like we're newlyweds around here. But last night we're in bed, half clothed as we normally sleep, and DH decides he wants to be romantic.

So he rolls me toward him, kinda does the leg interwine thing and kisses me. Initially just the little bitty-lip pecks. But then he pulls out the ammo. He touches his tongue to my top lip.


What the HELL was that?

I could have sworn that 1500 volts just soared through my body and back up again, sending my lip into an Elvis-like seizure. Of course, I jerked back. It wasn't a shock as in pain--it was a tickle. Electric, yes, but not a burn...a funny bone kind of sensation. This is NOT good for the sensitive upper lip.
I think I said something like, "You tickled me bad" while holding my lip for fear it wouldn't stop quivering.

That killed the moment. He started laughing.
I started laughing.
When he could talk again, he said he felt something, like a weird vibration. That just sent us into another round of uncontrollably, eye leaking laughter.

I still think he put one of those electrical probes he's been studing in electronics class ON his tongue and did this intentionally. He swears it's just his magnetic charisma. Either way, we shook the bed, causing it to pound against the wall and ended up all sweaty--and didn't get past that kiss.

Hrmph...and he thought I'd write this experience into my next book.

~Mel, who's lip is still kinda numb.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005 When all else fails, POGO

I had plans for today.
But then I didn't get up early to do my 15 minutes on the Gazelle.

I froze all day. It was 20* warmer than yesterday and yet I was colder, go figure. But I do believe that stuff about the sun affecting us. Today was gray with this icky snow off and on--not even the light fluffy stuff that looks pretty from this side of a pane of glass.

Dh had school tonight. Yeehaw, free time. I can get ahead--I've got a list a mile long. But....

What'd I do? Snagged Garlic crackers and cheese for dinner...appropriate for this whine, eh? and now sit here, parked in front of the computer, losing badly at Rainy Day spider solitaire. No, Shan, I didn't even GO to word whomp. That requires speed and thought.

Jaci had a good idea...she said grab a good book and have a hot bath. So, I say, she's smart. Never steered me wrong before. Which sends me testing the integrity of my chair's leaning ability as I crane to see my bookshelf.

Does your book shelf contain more of anything else but books? OMG. This is NOT why I bought this thing! But yet, I've got one shelf dedicated to books. The rest have simply become resting places for items. Where did these things come from?

But I digress... there IS a point to this.
I spy my set of Bradley Trevor Greive books. Have you read these? The Blue Day Book, Tomorrow, The Meaning of Life, The Book for People Who Do Too Much, etc.... I have 3-4 more, but I think Ma has them.
TBFPWDTM sounds RIGHT up my alley. Now, if you've never read these, you owe it to yourself to go to the gift book section of your local bookstore and search them out. They're small, prolly 5" square, and hardback. They're picture books--animals--and have THE most precious, make you think, cheer you up, put life in perspective captions. I wish I could scan and post them here, (clearly the publisher would be slightly irked with that idea) but they're really something you need to go through page by page, studying the picture and reading the inspiration BTG offers.

By page three, I'm laughing. The picture is of a dog (yellow lab?) laying in the yard, his eyes half rolled back in his head with this truly BORED look. The captionsays: Do you bore your friends to death by going on and on and on about how much work you have to do?

Who ME?
So tonight, I'm shirking all responsibilities.
To hell with the laundry. Dh is getting a TV dinner. And I'm NOT going to remind myself that I still haven't filled out my tax paperwork and done my crits for the week or finished reformatting Magic so I can actually EDIT it...
I'm not going back to POGO either, cuz that spider doesn't like me.

I'm going to curl up with my book and laugh at myself.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 Now I'm borrowing excitement....

Cuz there was just NOTHING in my life that happened worth mentioning today. Oh, except that I got a new pair of gloves. Two pair actually--the little tighty fitty gloves you buy in 2packs at Walmart for like $1.50? I wear them everywhere. Yes, indoors. With the exception of
a) places they'll get wet
b) when I'm touching things I DON'T want full of lint
c) um......when I'm trying on new pair.

I wear them at work. To type. My boss thinks I'm nuts. I think I've been there long enough to smile and say thanks, and then to continue typing. My typoo rate is MUCH better than his and my WPM compares a F15 Jet at take off to snail poop sliding down a leaf in NH... this time of year.

'nuff said about gloves. It's a fetish thing. Gloves and pens.
But see? that's the most exciting thing that happened this Tuesday.....



I'm so excited I could just...write about it?
So thanks Shan, for chosing today. But I was THINKING.... those poor people who suffered without heat? You should have answered the phone, read the paragraph to them and asked about the redundancy of the word. I'm thinking, EC....sex scene, hell yeah... just reading that paragraph should have increased their heart rate and increased their body temperature by 2-3*... way more if they were 80yr old nuns...

Okay... I've got to get to my MS at some point tonight. A fellow writer, Ms. Jaci Burton, has stolen the only braincell I have the capacity to use and is holding it hostage. But since she's writing some serious wolfie nookie, I'll slink back to the edit cave and plaster the walls with images of ..... someone inspiring.

So, Shan? Hats off to you, girlie. I remember the knots my instestines morphed into the day I sent LOTL. Perhaps I should make some fudge as your reward???


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This wasn't my idea

The bad people made me do it. They talk in my head. All the time...no, wait, those are characters. Sorry....
The OTHER bad people made me do it...

You know who you are.

Like I needed a place like this. I'm already starved for time, roaming the day seeking out extra minutes for those mundane tasks that demand attention. Why do the cats need to be fed? Laundry? Why can't it be like in the movies... people RARELY do laundry in the movies. Except 40days and 40nights....they washed enough clothes for 40years, but that's another issue...

So... I'm supposed to log (what's the "b" stand for? B-log?) my day, huh?
It's Monday.
The SDJ (hereafter known as stupid day job) that eats up SOOO much of that precious time. Tonight the DH (dear hubby) was out visiting a fellow mechanic, so I had the opportunity to catch up on some necessary stuff. A crit here, an email there, ya know, standard crap.

Then I get assailed with this IM that says... "Gotta blog yet?"
Now, there are certain people in certain positions with this invisible power over me who can talk me into things I wouldn't normally do. Not like, walk off 8 story buildings or sacrifice my sister to the lions, but things like this.

I'm here, aren't I?

I've just assigned myself the task of editing a book I wrote about...3 years ago? First person, one of those let go, cut loose stories that I set it free in any tangent it wanted. 92,000 words later....here I am, editing it.

However, this is one of the few books that I've written (I've written over 10...lost count now) that I really LOVE to go back and revisit. (Ask me again in a few weeks how I feel)

But it's chock full of lines like this that have me wondering WHERE this stuff came from.

Heroine burnt her hands--mildly. She's just helped bring firewood out of the snow.
Hero says, "Let me help you get those off. Wet, right?"
Heroine says, "Like a baby's diaper after a four hour nap."

Sometimes I go.. who WROTE this stuff? Of course, there's some serious issues with it, plot wise that I'll have dickens fixing. But...the best things in life aren't handed to us, right?

So, I'll take this challenge, my evil friends. I just hope you don't regret you ever gave me this license.

Til the manana comes with a whole new set of hours to waste....

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