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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Thursday, March 30, 2006 Have you seen this?

Check out this commercial.....click here and then chose the bottom left corner (the crab).

My husband was in tears. I was damn close. Sorry, still won't buy a Honda Element, but that's funny. :)

Now, back to the edit cave with me or my editor will PEEEEENCH!

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Thursday, March 23, 2006 Z, Y, X...

Stole this from Shan, who snagged it elsewhere... Just in case you wanted to know... ya know? *blows kisses*

A is for age: 34
B is for Booze of choice: er, I don't drink!
C is for career: Writer (Insurance agent by day...)
D is for your dog’s name: no dog... have a giant cat named Tornado tho.... he poops like a dog.
E is for essential items you use everyday: computer, shower, oh lots of things, I'm realizing how needy I am... geesh.
F is for favorite song at the moment: er, that's a toughie.... I'm on a Collective Soul kick, lots of favorites
G is for favorite games: game? er.... pyramids (card game)
H is for hometown: I still live here so I ain't telling.
I is for instruments you play: flute
J is for jam or jelly you like: grape jelly, strawberry jam
K is for Kids: 1 teenage girl, God help me.
L is for last kiss: just kissed my hubby to shush him when he asked why I didn't want to watch him change the TV channel 5 times per minute for the rest of the night.
M is for most admired trait: memory? ability to learn stuff? I guess. I dunno.
N is for the name of your crush: my hubby... *sketches little hearts on the notebook*
O is for overnight hospital stays: 2
P is for phobias: how much time you got? um.... I dunno... cockroaches? maggots?
Q is for quotes you like: "I pinch" (see the Honda Element commercial)
R is for biggest regret: not finishing college
S is for sweets of your choice: Haribo gold bears
T is for the time you wake up: either 4 or 5 depending on the hubby's work schedule
U is for underwear: I can't believe you wanna know this...
V is for vegetable you love: corn on the cob cooked on the grill in its husk, served dripping with melted butter
W is for worst habit: whining
X is for x-rays you’ve had: entire body? I'm sure I have at some point....
Y is for yummy food you make: Lasagna, Pepper Steak and Chicken with Rice
Z is for zodiac sign: Cancer

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 Spring? Seriously?

What the heck happened to winter?
I realized today, when I was tearing off several pages of my page-a-day calendar (okay, so I was behind, or perhaps in denial), that yesterday was the first day of spring.

How the HECK did THAT happen?
All winter, we waited...and waited...and waited.... for the big one, the big dumpage of snow. You know what? Mother Nature KNEW the hubby and I each got new(to us) Four wheel drive vehicles and just wanted to toy with us. (If you appreciate that, send money, if not, don't looka me, I'm sure someone out there got a kickass deal on a snowmobile and is blaming himself too...)

So anyway, I'm ripping away at my page a day and realize... hey, it's been two years since my first book was released from Ellora's Cave. Two YEARS. O.M.G.
I still don't feel different. I've learned alot, but well, I'd hope I'd have learned alot anyway, perhaps on a different subject, in that time frame....

The story of Legend of the Leopard came to me in a dream September of 2003. I remember it clearly, it was one of those heart pounding full color theatre quality dreams that forced me to get up and promptly babble several pages of notes into word so I could preserve at least SOME of the thought. About a year later I went back to it, played around and came up with the story, wrote, submitted and to my surprise, Ellora's Cave bought it! Now you can (okay, shameless plug, but I gotta do it, don't I?)

Geneticist Salvatore DeMartiano managed the unbelievable—he accidentally injected himself with infected leopard blood which causes his biochemistry to alter and allow him to change into a leopard. He's had to put his other experiments on hold and cure himself of the ailment that threatens to take over his body, and turn him into a whiteleopard... permanently. It doesn't help that he's miles into the Sudanese savannah where he cannot easily get the human blood and medicines he needs to solve the mystery of the genetic altering bacteria.

Until Julia Haverstock's plane crash-lands not far from his home. She's the only survivor. He's the only one who can speak English. She needs a way home. He needs her blood. Rather than explaining his bizarre predicament, he sets about seducing her, hoping to get close enough to convince her to help.

Julia bought the reasons she couldn't leave immediately and even became Sal's lover without much reluctance. But it frightens her when she finds notes on his computer about genetic alterations and leopard blood. What kind of mad scientist is he? Torn between her intense attraction and fear for her own life—after all, he'd admitted to injecting her with a trial serum after she'd been attacked by a leopard--she tries to escape and find her own way home.
But when Sal is wounded, Julia must face the truth— he is one of them. In fact, he is the legendary white leopard. With Sal trapped in animal form, Julia faces her toughest decision yet--take the resources she's discovered and flee or stay to help this man-beast she has grown to love.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006 March Madness

Yeah, the big deal right now is basketball. I live in Indiana, where people eat, breathe and otherwise live everything to do with the big orange ball. It was a job requirement for us all to fill out brackets, (us gals did it blindly since none of us follow college hoops) but we have fun.

I find more madness in March. Mercury is clearly screwing with people's heads because I've heard so much on blogs, loops and emails about people who have let their fingers do the walking before letting their brains engage. And this is on SEVERAL subjects, so I'm not targeting any one person or topic... It just amazes me. I love what Shan basically said on her discussion of "knock off plots"... be careful who you Sh*t on because you never know who's ass you have to kiss tomorrow.

As for me, I've been diligently working on a proposal and chapters. My Editor at Samhain is telling me 2nd round of edits will be coming for Believe the Magic, which I'm excited to work on. No, don't take my temperature. I really enjoy the book. It makes me laugh. :) And I love that my editor is helping me make the structure, characters and plot line so much better.

I'll try to blog more often. Busy busy busy!!!!

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Monday, March 06, 2006 You Don't Wanna Miss THIS!!!!!

Rescue Me by Jaci Burton
ISBN: 1-59998-006-1
Length: Novel
Price: $5.50
Genre: Contemporary Western
Publication Date: March 7th, 2006
Love can rescue a lonely heart.
Kyle Morgan doesn't want to be rescued, especially not by former beauty queen Sabrina Daniels. Sabrina fires up Kyle's long dormant libido, and it's like a match struck on dry tinder - an explosion of heat whenever she’s around. His cheating ex-wife left a bad taste in his mouth about the entire female gender and he doesn’t want to get involved again, despite Sabrina’s untapped sensuality.
Sabrina Daniels, newly divorced from her controlling millionaire husband, is out to build her independence and begin a new life.
She's always wanted to be a ranch owner but knows nothing about ranching. Her solution comes in the form of The Rocking M in Dreamwater, Oklahoma. The ranch needs an investor, and she has the money. But if she wants her dreams to come true, Sabrina will have to work alongside handsome-as-sin Kyle Morgan. Yes, he’s surly and unpleasant, but underneath his tough exterior, she discovers a man who feels like a failure.
Both have firm goals for their future, but love has a way of interfering in the best laid plans.

Read an excerpt!

"Rescue Me is a touching story about love and family that will leave you with a warm feeling and happy tears! …Jaci Burton does a magnificent job in creating an engaging story with characters that take root in your heart! Kyle and Sabrina hold a special place in my heart(and on my bookshelf!), with the fiery, passionate energy between them, tempered by compassion. As it seems to be with all of Jaci's books, the main characters aren't the only ones I've fallen for! …Definitely a book for multiple reads, and I'm hoping for a sequel!" ~ LindseyAnn Denson, Ecataromance.com

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