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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Thursday, June 29, 2006 What would you do?

You're a NASCAR fan... pretty into it, thanks to your dad. You know a lot about the drivers, the tracks, the cars. Even though you try not to, you hear the rumors and see the off track interviews. You know the reputation of the series champ, bad-boy Zander Torris. You know he's devastingly good looking, and charming to boot, but with a different piece of voluptuous, blond eye candy on his arm every weekend, you have zilch respect for him.

The only good thing you see in him is that he's a very generous benefactor for the camp where you're a nurse volunteer.

So when he walks into your clinic, unannounced and unexpected, and asks you, girl-next-door, unglamorous you, to that evening's benefactors dinner, what do you do?
(Hint, he's not taking no for an answer, so be ready at 6....)

Wanna know what happens next?
Check out TROPHY GIRL, releasing July 11th from Samhain Publishing.

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