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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Wednesday, May 31, 2006 No, really, I'm still here....

Just wish I had something delicious to blog about. This month's been full of need-to's, have-to's and must-do's. The garage has basically been rebuilt and is now sided. Feels damn good to have that done--and it looks good too!

We rekindled a friendship with a couple we got to know several years ago. It's fun to hang out with other adults who act like kids, who HAVE a kid and we can do things as families. They've dealt with the same situation we have--the friends we have here want to go out partying or bar-hopping. We're old and settled and enjoy having our daughter with us. Now we know that gathering around a monopoly board can be a royal hoot!

I'm still trudging through WILD FORCES, which is the working title of my short story (I started thinking quickie length, but it's progressed into novella-land...). I hope to finish that this week. Still have "day job" homework to finish--and I need to get that done fast, so that's another reason this post might be the only thing keeping this blog from falling outta blogland and into the depths of abandoned blogs.

I hope you all have enjoyed your start to a summer, have made plans and that they all include having FUN. Cheers~

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