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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Monday, May 01, 2006 When Characters Speak

Normally, when the characters start talking I've finally hit the point where they're totally three dimensional to me and I see them as people rather than puppets whose strings I control.
However, in the current book--the one I *gritted teeth* was trying to write as a quickie, the characters have done more than speak, they've taken over.

Carter: I want to spank her. Men like to do that, women like it when we do it.

Me: This isn't a BSDMSMSBDM whatever that is, book. It's a werewolf book. Duh, you're not spanking her.

Carter: But look at that ass, it's just begging--

Me: Will you two get it ON already, you're spending chapters in freaking foreplay. Can we go for orgasm yet?

Carter: Jaci's right, you're a freaking plot whore.

Me: Well, because of you, the bitches are once again laughing and calling me a word whore. If it weren't for your inability to keep your animal-self under control, I'd be done with this book by now, rather than just past midway. I'm not a plot whore, but dallying in this bedroom isn't getting this book done, mister. Can we stay on course for novella and not have to drift into category territory if we can help it? Insert Tab A into slot B and be done already. I've got to work in SOME plot between the hoochie-coochy.

Carter: Hey, I spent years in the military, forgive ME for being horny. Besides, I notice you aren't EVEN asking Erica her side of the story. If I remember correctly, SHE was the one who started THIS round of sex.

Me: No, it's not her turn for POV. Besides, she's a bit freaked out by your metamophosis in her hallway and is trying not to think about you suddenly sprouting fur while banging her.

Carter: You're crude. Get out of the bedroom and let me be. And yes. I'm spanking her. Bye.

*door slams*

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