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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Thursday, May 18, 2006 Madness, in it's silliest form

Okay, I've hurt myself laughing the last few days. We've been having fun over at Jaci Burton's Paradise (yahoo group, you're welcome to join!!!!).... She, along with alot of other people, are at the Romantic Times convention in Daytona Beach, so several of us who were left behind have attempted to entertain.

Shannon's been playing guess the book by the limerick. She's damn good at it. :)
I pulled out an old favorite of mine--Mad Libs. I took a few paragraphs from a story (I did one from Jaci Burton's Rescue Me, one from my Believe the Magic and one from Shannon Stacey's Twice up a Roadtrip), took out vital words and had the members of the group give me a list of nouns, verb, adjectives, adverbs, etc. I plugged them in in the exact order, and wah-lah, a new, very interesting story.

Here's one I found incredibly funny. It's from Believe the Magic. I'm not going to specify which words are original and which were blindly input. It'll be more fun for you to figure it out. *snicker*

I woke up in my own bed. "Good God, was that really all a spleen?"It was. I wanted to pickle. Instead, I felt the tutu behind my heel. Big headache time. I rolled over and roasted my litterbox.

I connected with weiner.

"Hey now, I haven't eviscerated you all night."Quentin. And he was in my bed. Without a Twinkie, I might add. Looking turgid. Much too good. It was one of those moments I didn'tknow whether to jerk, smoke, manipulate or look under the covers to see what I was wearing and then decide.

I forced myself not to think about the fact I might have missed inflated sex with the hottest guy to every say Yo! to me. I went with asking him the truth outright. "What are you doing in my bed?"

"Masterbating. It was me or Sam. Sam didn't want to be considered a inflamed old man. Plus I was more willing to accept a erection lasting more than four hours in the morning."

"Guess my aim was a little low."

"Yeah, we established how dimpled it was yesterday."

Yesterday. Oh God, it was real. The necklace, the junkyard, the horny pigeons. Disneyland? Yes, that had to be too. And thegathering of the odd.

"Having those pinch me thoughts?"

"Did you?" I corked up at him, the intimacy of waking up next to him softening the puffy, almost childish banter we normally used to scrub.

"Four days of denial."

"Great. Something to look forward to."How'd he get the salami of looking so limp in the morning? The shadow along his square nipple emphasized his raw nature. His lip was wild, but that wasn't uncharacteristic. And his eyes were true periwinkle.

"Quit banging at me already."

"Never imagined to marry to a man in my bed without having a soggy
time the night before."

*snicker* *snort*.... okay, my sense of humor is a big demented, but hey, laughter is good!

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