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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Friday, May 12, 2006

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Here's a snipped of Believe the Magic:

“Why, Quentin. Why are you on his side?”
“Can’t you feel the power?” Quentin’s green eyes flared bright for a moment, startling me. “This place is magic in and of itself. Bergestein isn’t all bad. His ideas aren’t the cultish, fanatical, rule-the-world schemes at all. Done right, it could lead us to a controlled, peaceful way of life.”
“Done correctly,” I repeated, wanting to spit on the idea of control.
“And that’s where I come in. I can’t prevent him from taking over. It’s inevitable. He’s willing to kill anyone who has an original gem. He has nine now. There’s just one remaining. One.”
I swallowed and gazed over his shoulder. “What are you going to do?”
“I’m going to continue to prove to Mr. B. that I want to help him, stand beside him and ease the load of responsibility. I can be at peace by gaining some control.”
“That sounds noble, but what about the island? What about the natural scope of things? This place, you, me—I just bet we’re all simply figments of our imagination at this point. I don’t know what’s real and what isn’t anymore. He’s creating illusions.”
“And isn’t the idea of living in a world you can control so much better than facing the polluted life of a nobody the world just pushes around? Do you really want to rejoin the rat race of those millions of people out there who’ll never believe magic is possible? What kind of life is that?”
“A real one.” I stomped. How could he say this, believe this?
“Reality bites.”
I didn’t want to even think it, but I did. He was right. Reality, for me anyway, was no bed of roses. I stood there for a minute, looking down at the set jaw and sparkling eyes. The memory of Winzey’s voice echoed in my ear, “Bad.”
Oh, he wasn’t bad. He was good. Very, very good.
The bright green of his stare darkened to a forest shade and his eyelids slid part way closed. He reached up his hand and pulled me onto his lap. It was like coming home.
I could have resisted a kiss. But he didn’t offer me one. Instead he folded me against his fishermen’s sweater and rested his forehead against my shoulder.
That’s all it took. If I’d have dared look, I probably would have seen my heart scurry across our intertwined arms and leap fearlessly into his chest.
“Why did you leave me?” His voice sounded the part of a deserted lover.
I opened my mouth, but closed it again. A half-truth really wasn’t a lie, it was it? “I was scared,” I finally relented. That was the truth.
“Of me? I was trying to protect you.”
“I’m still scared of you.”
He tugged me away from his chest and framed my face with his hands. “One thing I wouldn’t do is hurt you.”
I shook my head. “There’s too much going on. Too much I don’t know. It’s not a clear good versus bad out there, is it?”
“No.” He chewed his lip. “It isn’t.”
“And you’re somewhere in the gray.”
I had to smile when his eyebrows turned downward.
My heart melted. “You look the villain when you frown like that.” I tried to mimic his expression.
He laughed and pulled me close. I turned my head at the last minute to avoid the kiss.
“Why?” His voice tickled my cheek and sent a shock wave of awareness through my entire body. That was why. He could turn me into putty with a touch.
“I want to stay in control. The last thing I need to do is complicate this with sex.”
“For a minute there I wondered if you’d gotten over me that quickly.”

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