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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Friday, June 02, 2006 My blog has been interrupted to bring you....

My daughter is sending out a plea to one Gena Showalter in an attempt to bribe, beg, plead, use and abuse her mother and otherwise guilt her into an ARC of OH MY GOTH.

THIS (see above pictures) is how she attented her semi formal eighth grade dance. Yes. Yes, she did. I think it was all to get Gena's attention.

So far she's promised to read and REVIEW the book, providing me with a copy of the review to post everywhere and anywhere it could be helpful to sell this book. She actually also DID offer to wear a sandwich advetisement and stand in front of Borders or Barnes and Noble, but I thought that was a big extreme, even for such a drama queen.

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*please note that neither myself nor my daughter were hurt in the making of this blog, tho' the threat of various undescribable horrers were held above my head while posting this entry. I.e. She's really desperate--and I'm really tired of answering "not yet" to "Is the book out yet?"

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