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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Saturday, June 10, 2006 Fresh and clean--after lots of caffeine

Now I know what Shan was talking about...it's pretty nerve wracking to update the blog, and for someone like me who's computer skills are just enough to give me the false hope I can do it, well.... (and *I* did it without the promise of an M&M Sundae... hmmm)

Truth is, I'm STILL supposed to be working on Continuing Education for that wonderful day job (pushes nose back to normal length), but I revamped my template instead. Yes, it's THAT bad. Gah.

On the way good side, I finished edits for Trophy Girl, which will be OUT, AVAILABLE and FOR SALE on July 11th. I realized while editing that I actually do like the book and the characters. I actually felt these were stronger than characters I've written in the past, at least to me. Means I'm learning, growing and getting better everytime... which is my goal :) But then again, maybe I was just too much in love with the bad boy race car driver and his hard assedness. Right now I'm working with the cover artist to create a cover that will personify Zander the way I see him. All fingers crossed for me, kay?

If you read the previous post, you'll be happy to know that Gena did deliver, bless her heart and my 14 yr old couldn't be more thrilled with OH MY GOTH so far. So a big thank you to Gena--you've definitely got a loyal fan in her--and in me, for being nice to my kid (we moms are pushovers like that, plus you write good stuff!). I'll be posting a review here soon, written by the kidlet.

Oh.... I've read a couple of books lately. Me and my Sony Clie have been buddies when my brain can't edit (or I'm avoiding that cont. ed stuff....)

I read Mandy Roth's Pisces Phenomenon--awesome characters and plot but dammit, the book was too short! Mandy, I know you can write those word whore books like me and I want to see those other characters get their turn, got it?

I also read Ann Wesley-Hardin's Coffee, Tea or Lea, and had a terrible time putting that down. Loved the characterization in that one--Ann's got a wicked sense of humor. Love it!

Finally, I just finished Shannon Stacey's 72 Hours. Hot *bleeping* damn. Fast paced, great characters--REAL characters. I can't emphasize how real they felt--they weren't perfect, their reactions were true to themselves, but not contrived or even necessarily predictable. And don't get me started on the plot. Intricate, well woven and spellbinding. I'm awed--Shan, you did a kick ass job, pal. I mean it! The best news is that you can get her book on June 20th. :)

Now, since I really do need that day job, I'm gonna dig in and get this work out of the way so I can get back and edit that werewolf story I just finished.... I did tell you about that, right? *evil grin*

See ya later!

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