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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Tuesday, July 18, 2006 Beware the supermarket

First, I must prequisite this post with another story first...my mother in law has had a number of exciting events that have all happened at the supermarket, in the company of my daugthter. The most memorable of these occurrences had been, up until this point, when a can of biscuits exploded right off the shelf and just missed my mother in law's head. The bicuits...not the can.
It probably would have been funnier if a she'd been clobbered with a biscuit, but please, what are the chances that she would be standing there just as that can blew up?

So, today, my daughter accompanies my mother in law to Meijer. If you're not familiar with Meijer, think Superwalmart/SuperKmart/etc.... grocery+convenience.... Anyhoot, they're shopping along and all of a sudden, two birds fly overhead. Yes, in the store. It happens. But after dive bomb number three, my daughter reaches up and manages to brush one of the birds, clearly enough to force a crash landing, then swiped it up and well, realized she caught a bird. In the store. Turns out it was a baby parakeet that had gotten loose from the pet area. While it tried to eat her alive, my mother in law found a store personnel who collected it and put it back into the cage.
I've dubbed the daughter Capt'n Parakeet. She's a hero.

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