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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Friday, July 28, 2006 How's it Friday already?

My life is a pretty standard routine. Get up, IM with my pals while getting read for work. Eight hours at the office, come home, do those gotta-do's and then write. Same ole-same ole I doubt is worth blogging about.

I'm working on "witch-lit", my silly name for a story about--you guessed it, witches. Not sure it's gonna turn out real "chick-lit"-like, but it's fun. Been chatting with a couple of pals about an anthology, which sounds like alot of fun. Of course, we're imposing deadlines upon ourselves. *shudders*

Last night I thought I was gonna have to put an APB out on Noah, cuz it was raining--no, pouring stead for over two hours. Of course, I was out in it. Had to pick up the daughter from grandparents, then go by and get a pie (Baker's Square, yummy--it's for the office today, in celebration of boss's b-day over the weekend. We're in it solely for the pie... really).

Then the hubby wanted tacos and pizza at a killer Italian restaurant, so we stopped to get a carryout... and I drew the short straw. Okay, there was no parking places near the door so he dropped me off and waited, moving as cars needed to get through. It was raining so hard I dripped on the pizza box all the way home. There were wet footprints when I walked to the bathroom and I literally had to towel dry.

The plus? My hair was soooooo soft. Me thinks I wanna play diva and make someone collect rain, heat it and wash my hair with it. Every morning. *snicker* (it'll happen after hell freezes over THEN thaws again)

Off for now. Stop by my myspace spot and say hi (http://www.myspace.com/melaniblazer) Or you can comment here :) Lemme know how your weeks going. Are you missing RWA? Reading anything good?
See ya!~

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