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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Wednesday, August 02, 2006 hmmm, that time already?

Shan posts her horrorscope (for writers) every month on her blog. I don't pay attention to them much, but with lots of plans for subs and stories, it was interesting to read my own and my pals. If you're a writer and wanna know what this month will bring, read it here.

On a good note for me, I finished the last sentence of Chapter Three of my current story. Now I'm gonna let it stew, fester, ferment and all those wonderful things for about a week or so, then reread it, ask myself what drugs I was on when I wrote it, edit it and hopefully ship it off. While writing three chapters isn't that difficult, this I think I was over-thinking this. (I had to accuse Mandy of doing it before I realized I was). So I backed up, deleted some stilted writing and then let it go.

I was gonna blog more about over-thinking and writing outside comfort zone, but I'm not sure I'm experience enough on the subject. In a nutshell, if you've written x many books for xyz publisher and want to move "up" to an agent or another publisher, you don't need to panic or try harder or overthink it. Chances are someone on that next level is gonna pick up your current work anyway, so stay true to yourself and write the best story from the heart. There, how was that?

It's nearly time to take the kid school shopping. She's got eclectic taste, so we've been hitting Salvation Army and Goodwill stores lately for "pieces" she can add to her wardrobe (sometimes with modifications), but she still needs jeans, shoes, underclothes. Sigh. My kid is starting high school. Never mind me while I have a nervous breakdown, k?

Off to the day job. Hope everyone in blogland is staying cool and healthy and happy.

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