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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Tuesday, August 08, 2006 Passin' Thru...

The most exciting thing I have to blog about is that I've been reading... and yeah, some writing. But the reading really helped to give me a break and recharge my batteries. Especially since I chose books outside the romance genre.

I read Cross Bones, by Kathy Reichs. As a one time med student who was seriously thinking of going to work in forensics, these books are favorites of mine. This book is one of those with a zillion threads somehow all woven around one another. One level of me--the reader--was almost afraid to put it down less I forget who's who, who's with who and who's good, who's bad. (And which bones were which...) I stuck with it, finishing it in two days and with a solid understanding (I think)... from a writers POV, I was in slack-jawed awe at the way she wrapped everything up without losing track. And trust me, there were a lot of tracks to follow. I do have to say, the book was exhausting too, so I can't read them one after another.

Which means I picked up my birthday present, Janet Evanovich's Twelve Sharp. I know there are people who aren't Janet lovers, but with the level of "reality" in my life, I sooooo need a dose of over the top with Stephanie Plum. I lmao at it, predicted what would happen and cringed when I was supposed to. I've decided my favorites are no longer wondering what car Steph's gonna blow up next (thank God the Mini came thru semi-unscathed) but to witness the constant play off between Stephanie and her two men. I'm still on the fence about those two... but I'll take the one Stephanie doesn't pick, how's that?

Oh, also watched a movie last night. Bawled my eyes out. Eight Below. It's not stellar in acting or plot, really, but anyone with a soft spot for animals will have their heart torn out at the story of the dogs in this movie. I even caught my husband (who laughs when I cry at movies) clearing his throat and sniffling at one very emotional point.

So, now back to working for me. I've got a semi-solid deadline for a proposal and am only about 3K into it. I'm calling it "Adrenaline" for now, but I'm sure a better title will emerge. Hopefully with the book/movie distractions out of the way, I'll be a better blogger.

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