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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Sunday, April 03, 2005 Why I laugh so much

First off, the DH (Darling Husband) thinks I'm nuts. You see, when I hear or see someone laughing, really belly aching laughing, I can't help it. I laugh. It's an autoresponse, something like the yawn phenomenon.

So today we're watching Nascar. We do this. Have done this every Sunday it's on since the late 1980's. Just so you know...we're diehards.

Anyway, we're watching and there's a big wreck. Well, one of the commentators fumbles with a word and 14 car pile up came out sounding like: 14 COW pile up.

So DH flashes this cheeky grin and repeats him. "Damn, 14 cow pileup. Ah, well, no use crying over spilled milk."

Yeah, so I laughed. After I gave the prequisite snort and eyeroll.
Cuz then he continued.
"You know those cows and their spotters." Okay, that WAS bad, but the laugh was on...

"They'll figure out what happened, it's all black and white." Immediately followed by, "Oh, dear, the crowds Moo-ing"

Okay. so it was really stretching the joke, and the laughter faded cuz the race got back underway and that was that.

Later, we have to run an errand and since we live in rural Indiana, we pass a farm with a large herd of cows in the field grazing. He points. "Pit stops."

I said, "Yup, but look over there, looks like a pile up to me." A group of about eight cows were lying down.

He said, "Yep, tires were flat."

I'm dying. So we come across some others who were walking. (It's a long road, lots of cows, honest) I point and lift an eyebrow. He said, "Yellow flag, caution laps."

Then the next batch were eating. "Oh look, the field's green!"

Do you think I'll look at cows with a straight face for awhile? Or Nascar? *shakes head*
:) See why I keep him around?

Posted by Melani Blazer :: 7:27 PM :: 1 comments

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