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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Friday, March 11, 2005 Where did it go?

I've come to the conclusion that the body has a wonderful defense mechanism when one is sick. Well, okay, two... the first is a) forgetfulness. What HAPPENED to this week? Last I knew it was Sunday, then I faintly remember Monday cuz I went to the eye doctor and it all got REAL fuzzy after that. I no likey. Clearly, the fever scorched a few necessary brain cells. I sure hope I didn't do anything stupid....The other defense, if you will, is that while being sick, I'm a bitch, but that's good for anyone who'd want to communicate with me, cuz well, they don't stick around long enough to catch the germies that are flying around my head at twice the density of pigpen's dust cloud.

That said, ignorance is bliss. I made money without effort. I just pray autopilot knew where it was going. :) On the flipside--no, never mind. I tend NOT to turn over rocks in the garden cuz there's all kinds of unmentionable creepies underneath.

But alas, there was no writing for me.
Instead, I laughed/coughed/choked/wheezed through my friend's renditions of each other created via South Park characters. Yes, there was one of me. (Thanks Shan) and No I'm not posting it here. Cavewoman. Ha! Not sophisticated, intelligent..... aw, who am I kidding... At least give me a club to defend myself from those furry, smelly, gigantuans of cavemen who might get an inkling to grab me by my hair and pull me into their lair..... just ew, okay?

I became a cyber auntie a couple of days ago. Just learned today :) and am rather thrilled with the prospect. I've already starting thinking of how to spoil the child from what, 800+ miles away, if not more! (No, I barely passed Geography, thanks)

Anyway, there's been a ton of great blogs about the acceptance and respect of readers of romance novels--and the debate on what constitutes a great novel. Regarding the classics...some are okay, others aren't...I found myself much more tolerant as a teenager than I am as an adult, that's for sure. And yes, I read em and enjoyed them then... would probably NOT enjoy them now...heck, there are several authors I used to enjoy that I am burnt out on today, but will I go back and read them in 10 more years? who's to say... But I'm real good at quoting (who I'm quoting, I've no clue)... "If we all liked the same thing, it'd be a pretty bland world." I'm not ashamed of my copy of Knight in Shining Armor, and I've cherished my Tolkien books since I was 13. I did trade Nora Roberts for Janet Evanovich on the gotta-hafta-stand-in-line-the-day-its-released (but do those really count as romance? nah.... it's better.. Stephanie gets Joe AND Ranger... swooooooooon)

OKay, dammit, now you got me thinking about Ranger's Sexy shower gel and I can't rememeber what track my mind was on....
*Guess this means I left the railway and are now flying tangent airway?*

I should go before I embarrass myself. Me and Advil cold and flu are armed and dangerous with a lack of ....everything!

Tomorrow, really, I'll go back to sulking in the edit cave. Let me live in detached bliss, just one more day......


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