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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Friday, February 11, 2005 PDA Panic

I'm visiting the tool man (Mac truck guy who's a wonderful man and a good friend of ours) and we were talking about something he wanted me to check into for him. So I reach into my purse to pull out my Clie PDA and.... it's not there.

Instead of panicking and flying into a state of hysteria, I go, "Oops, left the electronics on the desk, lemme grab some paper to jot this down." Cold sweat it trickling down my back, my hands are shaking and suddenly very little of what he's telling me is sinking into my head. Instead, my mind is racing. After all, I carry a small-ish purse and the PDA takes up ALOT of space. How did I not notice it was missing? When did it run away? Was it stolen? (Oh God, someone's going to read magic! I haven't edited that yet!)

Finally, I swear, it felt like hours, dh was ready to go. I check the truck THOROUGHLY wondering of my purse tipped and it slid out. No go. We get home. I go through car, especially back seat (no, no, not what you're thinking, but I did toss, literally, toss my purse back there on Sunday night, so therein lay the possibility it had slithered out then.) but again, came up empty handed.

Unwilling to admit defeat and that I'd lost the present my husband had gotten me for my birthday, a present he'd worked extra to make the money and surprise me, a present he was extraordinarily proud of .... I got in the car and drove to the office... ya know... SDJ. Thinking that DH needed a deposit slip for the bank, and I'd had to dig it out. Maybe I pulled said PDA out and put it on my desk. My desk at work is similar to my desk at home. Things can and will get eaten up by the mess-midgets.

So I go to work (I'm sure I'll have to explain to boss why I was at the office at 7:30 last night) and start moving everything around, desperately searching for the elusive black case.

I'm just... sick. Sick. I couldn't look DH in the eye. He says.. call your daughter.
(Info: daughter stays with his parents thru week to get to go to a better school...) So ... I call up daughter. MIL (best pal o'mine) answers. I admit my clie is missing. She couldn't remember if I had it at the accountants office Tuesday. Damn. I was running out of potential places it could be recoverable. I say, put the kid on the phone, I wanna see if she remembers anything.

Goose (lovely nickname, eh? blame the dh) gets on the phone. I say, "you seen my clie?"
"You don't have it."
"Do you remember where you saw me have it last?"
Me, shaking, trying hard NOT to just burst into tears and beat my head against desk in frustration (not at her, at myself)... "Okay... do you remember if it was in my purse Sun night when I had to get my debit card out so I could get you lunch money from the atm?"
"I dunno."
Good thing she was 15 miles away.
"Wait," she says, before I can question what happened to her memory cells.
I wait.
"Maybe you had it upstairs." Upstairs is the embroidery room and Tues. after acct meeting, I had to run a few pieces of embroidery for my aunt. Goose had me help her with homework, too. A gleam of hope broke through the clouds.
"Well, look, dammit!"
"Hmmm, lookee here," she teases. "You took it out when you were getting a pen out."
That would make sense. Pens migrate to the bottom of my purse, under checkbook and cell phone and clie. "You have it?" I was so in doubt I didn't believe it.
"I have it in my precious little possession, doesn't that scare you?"
It scared me more than if some stranger was reading Magic.
"Put it in your backpack so I can get it from you tomorrow night."

Needless to say, I cleaned my purse. I took out 10 of the 15 (refuses to be shamed by this) pens I had in my purse and ditched about a half inch of useless receipts I'd shoved in my check registry. When clie comes back, I'm going to figure out a way to chain it to the side of my purse.

I don't wanna go there again.
~Mel, who's definitely scared that the 13yr old is walking around with her clie right now....

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