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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Monday, February 07, 2005 *sigh*

I was bad. I needed inspiration for the vamp story I'm determined to get rolling (on rewrites) and I decided to visit a website I'd stayed away from for several months. Why? Because it's the kind that sucks in the fangirl in me and I stay there for hours, pretending to be a hormonal fifteen year old again.

No, I'm not gonna tell you where and embarrass myself. If you know me, you've got a clue what I was checking out. If not, I'm certainly not going admit THAT much on a public forum. Let my fetishes be fetishes. At least this one is inspiring. And when writing romance, one has to be inspired.

Anyway, I'd ordinarily not even talk about it, but I found a picture in my link clicking frenzy that absolutely and totally STOLE my breath. I mean, it hit my chest like a load of bricks. And I don't think it was the subject of the pictures as much as it was the characterization of it. If that makes any sense to you. I guess loving photography the way I do, I absolutely love to look at portraits or close up candids that tell you an entire story. The background, the color hue, the lighting and then the expression of the subject. Usually black and whites have that texture that makes one feel. This was in color, but it had such a gold hue, like either a rising or setting sun was full on, that it was monochromatic. There is such a strength, yet such a peace to that picture. To me it was embodied so many of the traits that I long to have. Self assurance, yet lack of ego, a certain inner knowledge. A sense of wisdom and understanding. I could go on and on, but I see glimpses of all of that in this picture. Others might see a person. I see way beyond that. Maybe just cuz I want to. Maybe I want to see those things. But does it matter, either way?

Is there a moral to this post? I dunno. Maybe to show you how easily entertained I am. Or how shallow I am. *peels the fangirl sticker off forehead and presses it under the desk* Or just to give Jaci something to tease me about.

Regardless, there's this permagrin plastered on my face, and now it's time for bed.
Oh, and yes, we have more pages of vampires.
For a Monday, it turned out pretty darn good.


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