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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Thursday, January 27, 2005 When all else fails, discuss the weather...

Bring on the storms Posted by Hello

I don't care what that thermometer reads, it's damn cold out there.

Lemme tell you what a DOOFUS the author of this blog is. No....really.
She put her camera--her expensive Minolta with the 80/200 zoom lens--behind the seat of her little pickup truck...
...three days ago.

Then she forgot about it.
The high temp around here has been in the mid-30's. It's about 15 out there now.
Electronics NO likey cold temperature.

But... walking out of work at 5:05pm, she spies a pretty pink ribbon coating the horizon and decides she will FINALLY get down to the lake, absolutely-no-excuses-gonna-do-it.

And she DID!
But, alas, discovered not only had she left said camera in said truck in said cold. *bad Mel*... she'd left it ON.

Can you say beautiful last bit of pink and peach rays just over hills of ice with a never ending horizon? Can you say, omg, I can actually time it and get the lighthouse light when it rotates toward me and have that punctuate the photo?
Can you say camera's not turning on because I forgot to wear my stupid sign and actually THOUGHT the camera would freaking cooperate, despite the punishment I'd given it?

At least I made it out there.

*I* know what that damn mocking light looked like as it swirled around. *I* know how the giant ice mountains rose out of the lake and engulfed the beach. *I* know that the blend of colors--pinks and blues exactly matched the fury painted on my cheeks and the color of my lips while I stood there, wind whipping hair into my face while I cursed batteries and cold weather...

No, really, --I'm laughing about this.
It's another demonstration of what happens when one procrastinates. If I would have gone the night I wanted to go, my battery would be alive. My camera wouldn't be a frozen piece of black plastic, metal and glass and I'd be here telling you I was going to get my pictures developed tonight instead of wondering how icy weather affects negatives (and wondering WTF else is on that film!)...

So, instead, I've gone through the library of previously taken pictures and found one...Bring on the storm. *In a sad, sick little way, I found enough humor in this picure to stick my tongue out and go, NA-na-na-na-na at the about to be drenched lighthouse. It's kind of like watching the bully who beat you up in grade school get punched in the mouth by an even bigger kid in Jr. high. Only on an artistic scale. :P

Now, I'm gonna go buy another *grumble mumble* battery. Hrmph.


Posted by Melani Blazer :: 5:58 PM :: 4 comments

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