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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Wednesday, January 26, 2005 If you first do not succeed....

Do-overs. How sweet life would be without do-overs.

First off, I didn't get to the Lake last night cuz Fed Ex attempted a delivery of important papers and I had to go fetch them immediately afterwork. I think, however, that any twinge of disappointment from missing what would have been a dismal gray bit of scenery was surpassed by the satisfaction of handing the check to the credit union to pay off my car. Hip-hip-hoooorayyyy!

Camera still in car... consider today a "do-over" of that photography stint.

In larger things, I've "re-done" the first few pages of my vampire story more than once. It's a do-re-do-re-do type of singsong, but shockingly, it's been rather amusing. Cp's have asked that I add more description to a few secondary characters--friends of the heroine. These are friends she hasn't seen in about 10 yrs--they were all inseperable in high school, and their reunion...well, I don't wanna give too much away, so I won't saw more about that. Anyway, I wanted to describe by showing how heroine saw them in HS and now. The fun was trying, without being stereotypical, to show the comparison, but give them unique features or personality traits. I gave my artsy gal an asymmetrical pink hair, but she finally said she was artsy, NOT punk, and while she had a pink streak in her hair--for only about 3 months, it was most definitely NOT all pink or cut crooked. Hrmph. Well la-dee-da, see if you get your own story, miss prissy.

One of the other gals was quite willing to cooperate, thank you. But then there's... "S" who hinted she worked in real estate now, and really was the "leader" of the group, but won't tell me any more about her or even what she's wearing.

Hey, Jaci, lemme borrow that flogger, I got some characters to whip into shape!


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