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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Thursday, January 20, 2005 Clearly, she didn't share the braincell

I typed out this LOVELY long, boring post about crap no one wants to know anyway--like the highlight of my day was changing a toilet seat and how I spent an hour in my husband's dream come true (we visited the MAC truck--tools, you see, are better than nakie women in his book)

sigh... and then I didn't post it or something. Saved as draft.
What GOOD is that? so I can come back later and ask myself, "Mel, do you really think anyone CARES?"

No seriously, this was... DULL.
Didn't do anything as inspiring as Shan and her football movie. Didn't write Werewolf nookie like Jaci...barely opened my WIP at all.

Bad me.
But.... there's hope.
It's Friday.
Despite taking on this new supposedly get it off your chest self-psychological help that blogging can be, this has been an icky week. I'll be glad to get it over so I can have a relaxing weekend and plunge headfirst into next week. Or bellyflop. It's a fifty-fifty chance. (Here's your Olympic Medal, Shan....Throw the short one off the 10 meter platform, he'll get the hang of it, even if you do hear "poopyhead" echoing through the pool area as he falls.)

Anyway, I'm gonna make fudge this weekend.
And write.
And edit.
And rest.
Goals are wonderful things, huh?
But right now, it's pre-6am.
There's no reason I'm here. I'm not expected at work for 3hrs.
Heading back to bed!


Posted by Melani Blazer :: 10:05 PM :: 6 comments

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