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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Wednesday, January 19, 2005 When all else fails, POGO

I had plans for today.
But then I didn't get up early to do my 15 minutes on the Gazelle.

I froze all day. It was 20* warmer than yesterday and yet I was colder, go figure. But I do believe that stuff about the sun affecting us. Today was gray with this icky snow off and on--not even the light fluffy stuff that looks pretty from this side of a pane of glass.

Dh had school tonight. Yeehaw, free time. I can get ahead--I've got a list a mile long. But....

What'd I do? Snagged Garlic crackers and cheese for dinner...appropriate for this whine, eh? and now sit here, parked in front of the computer, losing badly at Rainy Day spider solitaire. No, Shan, I didn't even GO to word whomp. That requires speed and thought.

Jaci had a good idea...she said grab a good book and have a hot bath. So, I say, she's smart. Never steered me wrong before. Which sends me testing the integrity of my chair's leaning ability as I crane to see my bookshelf.

Does your book shelf contain more of anything else but books? OMG. This is NOT why I bought this thing! But yet, I've got one shelf dedicated to books. The rest have simply become resting places for items. Where did these things come from?

But I digress... there IS a point to this.
I spy my set of Bradley Trevor Greive books. Have you read these? The Blue Day Book, Tomorrow, The Meaning of Life, The Book for People Who Do Too Much, etc.... I have 3-4 more, but I think Ma has them.
TBFPWDTM sounds RIGHT up my alley. Now, if you've never read these, you owe it to yourself to go to the gift book section of your local bookstore and search them out. They're small, prolly 5" square, and hardback. They're picture books--animals--and have THE most precious, make you think, cheer you up, put life in perspective captions. I wish I could scan and post them here, (clearly the publisher would be slightly irked with that idea) but they're really something you need to go through page by page, studying the picture and reading the inspiration BTG offers.

By page three, I'm laughing. The picture is of a dog (yellow lab?) laying in the yard, his eyes half rolled back in his head with this truly BORED look. The captionsays: Do you bore your friends to death by going on and on and on about how much work you have to do?

Who ME?
So tonight, I'm shirking all responsibilities.
To hell with the laundry. Dh is getting a TV dinner. And I'm NOT going to remind myself that I still haven't filled out my tax paperwork and done my crits for the week or finished reformatting Magic so I can actually EDIT it...
I'm not going back to POGO either, cuz that spider doesn't like me.

I'm going to curl up with my book and laugh at myself.

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