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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Tuesday, January 18, 2005 Now I'm borrowing excitement....

Cuz there was just NOTHING in my life that happened worth mentioning today. Oh, except that I got a new pair of gloves. Two pair actually--the little tighty fitty gloves you buy in 2packs at Walmart for like $1.50? I wear them everywhere. Yes, indoors. With the exception of
a) places they'll get wet
b) when I'm touching things I DON'T want full of lint
c) um......when I'm trying on new pair.

I wear them at work. To type. My boss thinks I'm nuts. I think I've been there long enough to smile and say thanks, and then to continue typing. My typoo rate is MUCH better than his and my WPM compares a F15 Jet at take off to snail poop sliding down a leaf in NH... this time of year.

'nuff said about gloves. It's a fetish thing. Gloves and pens.
But see? that's the most exciting thing that happened this Tuesday.....



I'm so excited I could just...write about it?
So thanks Shan, for chosing today. But I was THINKING.... those poor people who suffered without heat? You should have answered the phone, read the paragraph to them and asked about the redundancy of the word. I'm thinking, EC....sex scene, hell yeah... just reading that paragraph should have increased their heart rate and increased their body temperature by 2-3*... way more if they were 80yr old nuns...

Okay... I've got to get to my MS at some point tonight. A fellow writer, Ms. Jaci Burton, has stolen the only braincell I have the capacity to use and is holding it hostage. But since she's writing some serious wolfie nookie, I'll slink back to the edit cave and plaster the walls with images of ..... someone inspiring.

So, Shan? Hats off to you, girlie. I remember the knots my instestines morphed into the day I sent LOTL. Perhaps I should make some fudge as your reward???


Posted by Melani Blazer :: 7:54 PM :: 3 comments

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