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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Tuesday, January 18, 2005 This wasn't my idea

The bad people made me do it. They talk in my head. All the time...no, wait, those are characters. Sorry....
The OTHER bad people made me do it...

You know who you are.

Like I needed a place like this. I'm already starved for time, roaming the day seeking out extra minutes for those mundane tasks that demand attention. Why do the cats need to be fed? Laundry? Why can't it be like in the movies... people RARELY do laundry in the movies. Except 40days and 40nights....they washed enough clothes for 40years, but that's another issue...

So... I'm supposed to log (what's the "b" stand for? B-log?) my day, huh?
It's Monday.
The SDJ (hereafter known as stupid day job) that eats up SOOO much of that precious time. Tonight the DH (dear hubby) was out visiting a fellow mechanic, so I had the opportunity to catch up on some necessary stuff. A crit here, an email there, ya know, standard crap.

Then I get assailed with this IM that says... "Gotta blog yet?"
Now, there are certain people in certain positions with this invisible power over me who can talk me into things I wouldn't normally do. Not like, walk off 8 story buildings or sacrifice my sister to the lions, but things like this.

I'm here, aren't I?

I've just assigned myself the task of editing a book I wrote about...3 years ago? First person, one of those let go, cut loose stories that I set it free in any tangent it wanted. 92,000 words later....here I am, editing it.

However, this is one of the few books that I've written (I've written over 10...lost count now) that I really LOVE to go back and revisit. (Ask me again in a few weeks how I feel)

But it's chock full of lines like this that have me wondering WHERE this stuff came from.

Heroine burnt her hands--mildly. She's just helped bring firewood out of the snow.
Hero says, "Let me help you get those off. Wet, right?"
Heroine says, "Like a baby's diaper after a four hour nap."

Sometimes I go.. who WROTE this stuff? Of course, there's some serious issues with it, plot wise that I'll have dickens fixing. But...the best things in life aren't handed to us, right?

So, I'll take this challenge, my evil friends. I just hope you don't regret you ever gave me this license.

Til the manana comes with a whole new set of hours to waste....

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