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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Thursday, January 20, 2005 That was some kiss...

I promise, this won't get graphic... I tend to cover my eyes and scream TMI when not referring to sex between fictional characters. And I certainly could never discuss my own sex life (in any detail) OY!

I've been married 15 yrs (well, it will be in March, close enough). It's NOT like we're newlyweds around here. But last night we're in bed, half clothed as we normally sleep, and DH decides he wants to be romantic.

So he rolls me toward him, kinda does the leg interwine thing and kisses me. Initially just the little bitty-lip pecks. But then he pulls out the ammo. He touches his tongue to my top lip.


What the HELL was that?

I could have sworn that 1500 volts just soared through my body and back up again, sending my lip into an Elvis-like seizure. Of course, I jerked back. It wasn't a shock as in pain--it was a tickle. Electric, yes, but not a burn...a funny bone kind of sensation. This is NOT good for the sensitive upper lip.
I think I said something like, "You tickled me bad" while holding my lip for fear it wouldn't stop quivering.

That killed the moment. He started laughing.
I started laughing.
When he could talk again, he said he felt something, like a weird vibration. That just sent us into another round of uncontrollably, eye leaking laughter.

I still think he put one of those electrical probes he's been studing in electronics class ON his tongue and did this intentionally. He swears it's just his magnetic charisma. Either way, we shook the bed, causing it to pound against the wall and ended up all sweaty--and didn't get past that kiss.

Hrmph...and he thought I'd write this experience into my next book.

~Mel, who's lip is still kinda numb.

Posted by Melani Blazer :: 5:44 AM :: 3 comments

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