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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Sunday, January 23, 2005 The Merry Go Round

That's best ride to describe today.
Woke up--okay. Then the headache started. Got sooooo bad I was queasy just to walk.
Went back to bed.
Got up, not much better, but determined NOT to let my ONLY day off get ruined.

So, I cleaned bathroom floor, did laundry, dishes and made fudge. Oh, and put away the 4 baskets of laundry I'd done and brought up.

Through this all, my little Goose--the nickname for the 13 yr old daughter--has been following me around. Doing what DH has termed the "Who put a quarter in HER?" mad babble. Right now she's eating macaroni and cheese with her chopsticks. Never a dull moment around here.

But I realized, while scanning blogs and contemplating what wisdom I could possible emit today, that I haven't talked much about writing. (see title of blog--it's avoidance, I figure.)

But today, I've needed to write, wanted to write, and blame some course and force of nature on the headache that has prevented me from being able to focus my eyes on anything--or think and type at the same time.

The vamp novella I'm working on came back from CP with basically a rewrite post it stuck to the main characters forehead. It'd be easier than editing, really, and I'm kind of anxious to get moving on it.
Magic, the only title I'd given the first person, paranormal comedy I had been working on goes to backseat (where it might get the little extra action it needs...tosses condom to Q&E and lets em go at it)

HOT ROD HEAVEN releases in .....about 3 weeks. Trying to keep my name out there has been a bit challenging this last week. Starting tomorrow (keeping with the Procrastination theme here) I'll be working much harder at that.

Now, I've got to go act on a decision I made earlier--one I dread doing, only because I think it will disappoint some people I care about. But I also can't live with myself if I continue to do something ONLY for the sake of being expected to.
Why isn't there a third option? LOL.

Okay... off to whip a certain vampire into shape.


Posted by Melani Blazer :: 5:35 PM :: 2 comments

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