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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Saturday, January 22, 2005 Why don't *I* get a snow day?

Only had about 6 inches fall overnight. Not that I'm disappointed. Even if it had been 26, I'd still be expected to make the 1 mile trek into the office for a measly underpaid three hours. :(

But I have to say, I did feel pretty damn inspired this morning when I looked out the front window, the dawn barely turning night to day and saw the pure whiteness. I thought about Christmas time, when someone blessed us with an internet address where you make your own snowflakes and my daughter and I spent hours refining our skills and creating masterpiece after masterpiece. And I look outside and realize...they're all different. Everyone of those flakes--zillions of them, are all different.

Made me feel rather small.
not in a bad way. I love finding awe. It seems a forgotten emotion, a rawness that has been stolen from this world. I don't mind being reminded that we, as humans, have not conquered the power of nature--tho' greedy as we are, we've sure affected it. I've wondered if I were born in the wrong century. While I'll be the first to admit I couldn't live without electricity and indoor plumbing, I almost think it could be worth it to stand on a hill and look upon unspoiled lands below--or even spot the small, unobtrusive homes with smoke billowing from their chimneys--residences that aren't impeding upon the landscape, but enhancing it. I'd love to find water that's pure enough to drink, breathe clean air and feel feel the grandeur of it all.

Not that time traveling back a century (or three) would hand these things to me. I'd probably find my romanticed notions would be sadly disappointed.
I suppose this is why I started creating my own worlds where I can live these kind of days. ;)

I hope you find awe today--in a snowflake, a sunset or a child's eyes.


Posted by Melani Blazer :: 7:50 AM :: 3 comments

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