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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Saturday, January 29, 2005 Muse hunting

No, no, I don't live in Canada and mean MOOSE hunting.
I said muse hunting.

Cuz well, that pesky rodent of a creature woke me up JUST as I had fallen back to sleep circa 6am (after I'd gotten up ONLY to plug in dh's coffee maker and ONLY because he was running late and I'd kept him up until 11... but I digress --as usual)

So I'm laying there, FINALLY having the queen bed and down comforter (and dh's pillow) all to myself and WHAM... there's madame(madman, that should be) muse, sitting my chest, poking me in the chin.

M: "Wake up, I got an idea."

Mel: Rolls over, pulls up covers. "Go away."

M: "No listen, this is a good one."

Mel: "You said that about all of em. But if they're so damn good, why do you tell me now--or when I'm driving, or when I'm in the shower?"

M: *giggles*

Mel: shoves at Muse and flops onto stomach, head under pillow

M: "Guess you don't wanna hear about a story I've named already."

Mel: Stops. Realizes that titles are a nemesis (realizing now why--the title faerie has teamed up with muse!). But usually ideas WITH titles are worth listening to. "You got external plot, hot sex, internal conflicts and a HEA?"

M: "OH, I've got it all. Plus racing fuel."

Mel: *whimper*

M: Bouncing on bed beside head "What was that? Hey, remember, you brought your laptop into the bedroom last night. It's right there, on the floor. Want me to turn it on for you?"

Mel: "I'll remember it. Keep talking."

M: Recites perfect synopsis and starts dictating first chapter

Mel: "Stop! Stop. Get the laptop. You didn't TELL ME you had a synopsis."

M: Shrugging, "Didn't know you cared."

Mel: aaaaaaargh! Starts typing. Madly. Ignores typos.... fills three pages with story and half page synopsis. Then looks at clock. Then curses.

M: "There, don't you feel better now?"

Mel: "No, but if I lay back down now, I can get fifteen minutes of sleep before I have to get up."

M: smirking "So you think."

7 minutes later: phone rings. (for real)
Mel: "What?"
DH: "I have a story idea for you."
Mel: hangs up

DH calls back "What the *bleep* did you do that for?"
Mel: "You wouldn't understand."
DH: "Okay. never mind on the story idea anyway. Just wanted to tell you that I forgot to unplug the coffee pot."
Mel: Mumbling "Conspiracy, I swear."
APB out on Mel's Muse. Wanted for disturbing my peace. Warning: this muse is armed with crazy ideas (but titles and synopsis) and dangerous (often ideas are 70+ K word count). Might be accompanied by innocent looking but very hard to catch title faerie and the elusive synopsis nymph. Reward for their capture. Torture if necessary. Wanted dead or alive. Preferably in a coma until I'm ready for next book.

~Mel, who's UP already and getting into the shower now... Geesh!

M: heard dancing on the roof "Bwaahahhahahahahahahahahahaah"
Mel: I hope your feet get frostbitten.... beotch!

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