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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Thursday, January 27, 2005 Life's little rewards...

So, I go to the store. If you haven't read previous blog, you won't understand, and tough, cuz I ain't reliving THAT dumbass moment... (thanks, Jaci... so glad you clarified that)

Anyway, Dh's big idea (after I announced I needed a new camera battery RIGHTNOW!) was "Oh, yeah, cuz we gotta get bird food and squirrel food. Little critters were scrounging around for food yesterday."

(I didn't have the heart to remind him that the guy behind our house has like 15 bird houses and feeders on the tree and attached to his shed. Birds saw *sucker* written on his forehead)

Now, I love this about him. He loves animals. Takes care of them. *HE* even says, should he ever became a millionaire it'd be shortlived, cuz he'd spend it all on getting a big animal preserve/shelter etc and take in all the abandoned animals he could find. Trust me. He is solely responsible for the houseful of cats I have. And still awws when he sees a baby anything. His squirrels are special (I've got pictures of them, too... I'll hafta dig em up) He feeds them religiously. And the corn was gone. Time to get more corn, and of course, no less than a 10lb bag of wild bird seed. But the high winds massacred the last cheap-o birdfeeder we had (yeah, Mel, go invest in one that'll last--not!) so we bought two under-$4 birdfeeders with which to distribute said feed.

Then I added my battery to the cart. Then the cart miraculously led us to the book section. (another reason I love my DH)


to my glee...
there was a new Bradley Trevor Greive book!
Of course I bought it.
I've got the perfect person in mind to share this with too... It's called Friends to the End, the true value of friendship. *sigh* I hope you all get a chance to read this--even if you flip through it at the bookstore. :)

~Mel, who hopes the birds and squirrels are as happy as she is!

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