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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Wednesday, February 16, 2005 A sign... from McDonalds?

For those who aren't aware... HOT ROD HEAVEN, my lastest Ellora's Cave book, releases today, Feb 16th. (Check out my website for more information)

Anyway, last night I get home from work, and DH who arrives home about a half hour before me, always gets the mail. So I ask, as our routine... "Any good mail?"
DH calls me over to the couch where he's acting as cushion for two of our cats. "It's a sign," he says.
"A sign?" Neon? Lightup? Cardboard? Whachootalkin'bout SIGN?
"Hot Rod comes out tomorrow right?"
I nod, and I'm sure my face was curled up into some freaky looking mixture of curiosity and fear while still trying to understand "sign".
He hands me the brochure for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. This is an organization we've donated to in the past, mainly because they have a raffle to win some kicka$$ cars.
Seeing the broad black paint that covered the front of the brochure had my throat constricting. Oh. My. God.

It's the black corvette from HOT ROD HEAVEN!
Well, almost. I didn't include the red stinger on the hood (tho' I LOVE that) and I used a hard top, not a convertible, but I wasn't passing up the notion that this might really, honestly, truly be a sign. Of what, I don't know, that I'm going to give away my life savings to try to win this car? (and contribute to a good cause at the same time?)

Oh, how I love my hot rods.....


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