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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Monday, March 07, 2005 I'm blind!

okay, so I'm not *really* blind, but omg, I couldn't ever imagine losing my sight. Talk about frustrating! Guess that means I am a visual person, eh?

I went to eye doc today. Won't bore you with the details, but it wasn't nearly as bad as my twisted intestines imagined. Well, other than I'm STILL seeing spots from all those bright lights in my eyes and what WAS that purple/blue light thing that they stuck INTO my eye? The eye doc has officially become more frightening than a haunted house. The good news is that they make contacts for people as blind as me (yes, this was an issue) and I get new glasses. Some sapphire blue wire rims. If I look dorky, blame Steven. He helped, no, rather, he picked them out. I was blind from the conglomerate of drops they put in the eyeballs to make the pupil eat the iris. Steven said I looked like a demon. I felt like one had taken over my body cuz I couldn't see ANYTHING. okay, so I saw light and color and silhouettes, but read? You want me to sign my credit card authorization where?

Now...several hours later, my vision has returned to me. Sorta.
I know what cockeyed means. One eye focuses, the other doesn't. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaawd is this frustrating. Didn't stop me from going to Meijer with the husband and buying myself two books. One as a reward cuz I finished my vampire book for the second time. (Nothing like having two versions, just in case) and the other cuz I called, made the appointment and then went to the eye doc.

The moral of the story?
There isn't one. Other than one should be prepared with books on tape after one goes to evil eye doctor man who has fetish with eye drops....

~Mel, bugeyed and lopsided.

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