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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Tuesday, March 22, 2005 Incomplete thoughts

I've started the blog several times, only to fade from topic to topic without saying one important thing. I think it's a direct correlation to how much is zinging through my head at any moment.

The blog topic in the circle I visit has been very interesting and stimulating. No... not that way. But being a very opinionated person--and well aware of it--I have decided to listen as opposed to jump in with carbon copy thoughts or well worn rationale. And yes, by the time I get there, usually someone has already voiced what I would have said, at least close, and so I feel my side of the argument has been posted. And then I close it going, Geesh, Mel, say SOMETHING.


And then there's been the topics like book prices and review ethics and conference behavior that all begs to be addressed. But since everyone else seems to be addressing them, I'll just smile and stay serenly silent. It's amazing what you learn, about topics AND people by reading blogs and comments. (Ya'll prolly think I'm a dead, boring, spineless fish, eh?)

Okay, that's digressing pretty far and no, I don't need comments reassuring me that I'm more of a timid doormouse than a large mouth bass, so don't leave 'em. ;)

On a good note, my muse has gotten a sniff of the smelling salts I've been shoving up her nose and she's popped out an idea--okay, revitalized an old idea that has me rather excited about writing. However, being Such the disciplined lass that I am (hold on now, don't laugh too hard) I'm trying to get both of these vamp stories off my desk and out of my life. At least for awhile. I've been teased by a new ending to an old story, tempted by Spring solstice to pull out the Gaelic themed paranormal/historical/contemp I wrote before I knew the rules and of course, wooed by the prospect of starting a story fresh and learn about these interesting and funny characters and create mayhem in their lives.

Books are an escape. An alternate reality. I write my way into fantasy land. Damn shame I can't stay there. :P

Since this thought is wrapping up, incomplete as it is, I'm done here.

Posted by Melani Blazer :: 11:05 AM :: 4 comments

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