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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Sunday, March 13, 2005 Yep, playing again...

I couldn't help myself, really. I've been blog hopping this weekend, trying to shake the last few germies that are holding on like... oh, who cares about those...

Anyway, I noticed that my blog looked rather...well, too uh, busy-like. So I just simplified a bit. Housecleaning. Less is more. And that applies to just about everything... except sex and money, cuz well, does that even need to be said?

The naughtiest thing I did today was eat about half a bag of those Speck-tacular M&Ms. Ya know... the ones that are the size of peanut M&Ms but are pure milk chocolate (hear me moaning?). The nicest thing I did was rub hubby's feet which were achy. He's got that flu, poor guy. It's inevitable, considering he hogs *my* pillow. *eye roll*

More I think about it, that's the naughtiest thing I did all weekend, unless you count the guilty pleasures of giggling at the blogs that tell the DAMN truth about some snarky clothes, hideous book covers and "meh" books. I take that back, that wasn't a guilty pleasure. That was research, and it was fun... (Tho' not as fun as that OTHER kind of research. Darn shame DH's sick...)

Anyway, since the ellipses are running away from me and I've got comments to make on Jaci's latest chapters in her Storm series... I'm sashaying into the sunset for another blog. Have a chocolately one!


Posted by Melani Blazer :: 4:45 PM :: 2 comments

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