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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Wednesday, March 30, 2005 Deep cleansing breath

Today was gorgeous. It hit 78* today and we had baby blue skies and tufts of white clouds lazily floating along, enjoying the weather as much as we were--or tried to be. Even now, at 6:30 and with twilight turning the sky from blue to gray and casting deep shadows in the neighborhood, it's a gorgous 70*. The winds pick up now and again, grabbing my hair and pulling it across my face, temporarily blinding me from seeing the computer screen. I can only imagine mother nature is tugging at those loose strands, demanding, "Look at me, feel me, listen to me."

And of course, I listen, I look. I feel.
The birds are celebrating. Children are still pleading with their parents to stay outside, even just on the porch, because they've spent months cooped up in their stagnent rooms.

There's a wild streak in all of us, even the most citified folk. We crave the sunshine, the fresh air, the crisp breeze. I relish it, like now, sitting on my back steps with my laptop propped up on my legs. I can smell the electricity in the air, as severe storms are on the horizon. Right now they're not visible, but soon there'll come marching a dark line, tiny soldiers marching with thunderous steps. We'll see the crack of their rifles light up the night sky.
(And then the analogy that comes to mind is the tears falling.... how sad for such a moment. I don't want sadness here.)

I lament there are no fireflies. But soon, and with them, mosquitos. The rites of summer, tho, and each has its purpose.

Out here, I feel full. I feel the energy of the world in each breath. There are stories here, all around me, and I hate that I'll never catch them as they spirit past me on the wind.

I came outside cuz I got to thinking about today. Started in the supermarket when I rushed in to get something to make for dinner (which I should be cooking instead of blogging, but what the hey...). I walked past the card aisle and remembered that tomorrow is my--our anniversary. Fifteen years. Wow. We were very young and impulsive, and I'm proud that we made such a good decision so early in our lives. It's worth celebrating. So I picked out a sappy card (I write romance here, gimme a break) and then came home. Then I realized just how the weather was 15yrs ago. It was beautiful for March, easily in the 70* with nary a cloud in sight. Truly a blessed day.

But since tomorrow threatens rain and storms, I figured I'd better take my deep breath tonight and remember that scared girl who walked down the aisle to a life that she never expected, but one she'll never regret.

So here's to mother nature, yes, ma, I'm paying attention. And here's to love.

Posted by Melani Blazer :: 6:24 PM :: 2 comments

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