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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Sunday, April 10, 2005 Take Charge, yeah, that's it

Jaci said I should take charge. Of my life, my time. Yeah... sure. :) Actually, it took awhile, but I convinced the family that I needed more than ten minutes straight of peace and quiet to be able to spew out anything worth reading later.

It was the muse that was a little harder to convince. You see, while I'm typing away, it's thinking of all the things I should be doing or hadn't done. It even teases me with thoughts from different stories or jumps ahead in the story I am writing. It feeds the doubt demons high sugar foods.

So when I can overcome that and sit and write and get into a groove where there's nothing around me, well, it's way cool. I used to be able to do it all the time. Now I think I think too much about what I'm writing instead of letting the words just fall.

I figured that out, sorta, last night. I was given an interesting insight on emotion. At first, I could see it's brilliance, but had to take a few days to chew on it, to see if I could apply it to my own writing without well, screwing it up and making the hero sound like a babbling...pmsing female!!

So when I got everything done that I wanted done and had a short span of time I could write interrupted, I opened my ms to page one (there's only 6 pages so far, don't get concerned) and tried to apply this new emotion thought process to my writing.
It's probably worm food, but nevertheless, I found that groove and my fingers couldn't type fast enough. I ended up rewriting three or more pages instead of chopping and trying to interject what hadn't been there. The overall story's the same. But IMO, it's much more...active. :)

And I'm excited to write more. Good writing often inspires more (and by good I mean "feel good")... Damn shame I have all these family obligations today. Off to get those done so I can delve into this fictional world!

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