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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Saturday, April 16, 2005 10 things you probably didn't need (or want) to know...

Yeah, so Shannon did it, she borrowed the idea from others, and even Jaci got in on it.
So heck yeah, I'll be a follower (since I have no other original ideas to post about) and give you ten little tidbits about me that will do nothing more than take up a few moments of your time. *snicker*

These are in no particular order and are simply bits of info as I think of em....

1. I sell insurance for a living. Really. :) Okay, I write books too, but I consider that "for fun" (the whole psychological thing about calling it work and stuff....)

2. I've always lived in this same ole town, except for the short stint I did at Bradley University in Peoria, IL.

3. I was adopted at birth and have no knowledge of my birth parents or any other circumstances surrounding my birth family.

4. I said my first cuss word at age 4, when my grandmother (God bless her) sat me on her lap at Thanksgiving and spelled out words for me to say... the general... C-A-T.... D-O-G... S-H-I-T (and yes, I said it.... then cried)

5. I took the picture that was on the cover of the local phone book a few years back. If I didn't write, I'd probably pursue some sort of more serious photographer hobby.

6. (This is getting tougher....) I got married when I was 18. Sometimes ya just know, ya know?

7. My dream vacation is to visit Scotland and northern England (gotta visit Anna!) and tour the castles and stand on a cliff and look over the highlands.

8. I'm a car junkie. I know enough to be dangerous and I *do* know how to use power tools. (Gotta love those air rachets) I don't want to just buy my dream car, I want to build it!

9. more? gaaaaaaaah! um.....I hate coffee. (sorry Shan... but that means more DD coffee for you). I drink Pepsi in the morning. Sugar + Caffeine to wake me up!

10. I dream in color. There. I said it. :) And that's where a ton of my writing ideas come from. Oh, and I DO believe in magic, and that's there's magic in all of us, untapped, unbridled, just waiting for us to learn how to use it! :)

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