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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Sunday, May 01, 2005 um.....WOW

I really thought a good night's sleep would help me organize my erratic brain cells and help me think of something organized and well, anything but scattered, to say about my RT experience. However, I'm still at the "wow" stage.

I can't say I learned a ton, but I met LOTS of great people--some I'd known on loops or from blogs, some I'd never heard of, but who turned out to be way cool. I was rather in awe that people wanted MY autograph. I just found it inspiring to be in the same room with so many of the authors I've spent so many years reading.

My camera disappointed me, the freshly recharged batteries passing out after only two pictures. I took some with my 35 mm, but I think there will be plenty of pictures out there, including some people would rather not see out there. *g*

My favorite moment: I'd just called Jaci to learn what room the EC bags were being stuffed and was nervously weaving in and out of people, looking for a familiar face. Arianna Hart was at the door and asked me something--my name/what I needed, I guess, but I didn't even get to answer her cuz this dynamo hit me in the chest with the most heartfelt hug I could have imagined. It was Briana St. James, my editor. Even if we didn't have a professional relationship, I think she and I could have become great friends anyway. She's a dear.

Jaci was everything I expected--and more. We've been friends for so long that it was a dream come true (no, really) to finally meet her. I was excited and very nervous, but all for nothing because as soon as we hugged, I knew that the friendship we share is of the truest kind.

To me, RT was a great networking opportunity, a true confidence boost (for me) and a chance to celebrate books. While I'm sure it happened somewhere, I count myself lucky NOT to have witnessed any snarkiness. No one sneared or commented to my face because I write erotic romance for Ellora's Cave. (IMO, we were very welcome at the conference and I was proud to be wearing one of those flashing name tags!)

Okay, I'm heading out to go pick up my pictures from one hour photo. If I can sweet talk my scanner into conversing with my computer, I'll get those uploaded somewhere and post a link.

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