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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Wednesday, May 04, 2005 Man of the Mist--more ramblings

He felt her, the sensation whirling around him, mixing with the cold air off the lake. The mist was heavy, almost fairytale like in the way it hung just above the water and created a mysterious tone to this already incredible night.

She had followed him. Through the black tunnel that connected this world with his. She belonged to neither, yet passed between them like the air around him. Part of him. Of course, she'd always been part of him, as much as the earth and the sea and the sky were also.

"Walk with me," he invited, looking down to the dark sand at his feet to see if her footprints were visible. No. That would have been disappointing. His shadow flowed, not upon the air or in it, but as the air. For years she had been there, lurking. He'd imagined what features she would take should she chose. A dark haired temptress or an angel with the hair the color of moonlight?

His breath caught as the wind pulled at his loose shirt and whipped the hair off his forehead. So faint, but he felt it, a trace of warmth, like the graze of her fingers over his cheek. When he turned into her, she was gone. No, not gone. Just returned to her place, always out of reach.

One day, he vowed, he would catch her.

What next? C'mon, tell me. Leave a comment on what you think should happen and I'll write more (against my wishes... I'm supposed to be editing (repeats that three times) but it was kind of fun to just... play)
Shan and Angie, you'd better contribute cuz its your fault I even reread that...and started this. *sigh*

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