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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Tuesday, May 24, 2005 Is it hot?

The breakfast brigade's topic o' conversation this morning was lesbian sex. The kind of lesbian sex that MEN want to see. I've known very few men who wouldn't LOVE to see their wife/girlfriend getting it on with another woman--as long as he could watch and possibly join in.

We discussed some hot women that even the rather "vanilla" gals of the group were admitting they had some sexual attraction to. It's natural, it's a normal reaction. But...do readers think it's hot?

A long time ago, in a writers group far away, I learned that you have to fall in love with your hero if you want to write him so that others [readers] also fall in love with him. But Jaci said something the other day that kind of triggered when we were all talking about a certain female celebrities hotness. She said writing was going well and then she described her heroine--don't remember what exactly what she said--but the "and I am so in love with her."

I actually did tease her then, but am now thinking, hell yeah she's in love with her, isn't that part of it? We don't want the oh-so-yummy heros that WE love, falling in love with a heroine who isn't worthy of well, being in love with. (Okay, I'm dizzy, but you got the point, right?)

Okay, so now that we've established we're all getting in touch with our inner lesbian over coffee, and falling in love with our heroines, is it okay for our heroines to do the same?

Menages are hot as hell. Yeah. They sell well--probably because they cross a certain line (taboo=sexy, right?) and fulfills a fantasy that well, no statistics on it, but probably alot of people don't get a chance to experience. But I'll be honest. I haven't read many, so I'm not qualified to really say WHAT one thing sticks out as making them an exciting read.

Do readers want to read F/F action? Even without the hero? And for what purpose? I'm not pushing lesbian romance, but rather the use of another person to spice up a hetersexual relationship in a story.

How far is too far? What doyou want that you're not seeing [reading] enough of?

Posted by Melani Blazer :: 9:48 AM :: 3 comments

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