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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Monday, May 16, 2005 Dirty hands

No, I didn't kill anyone and the title of this blog has no deeper meaning. I just opened the blog page, determined to write SOMETHING and I looked down at my hands.
They're dirty.
Likely. I got home from work, tossed off the khaki's and donned yesterday's jeans (hush up) and took over mowing lawn from the DH. (While DH would cringe that I said that, making him look whoosy-fied, he has rheumatoid arthritis and the vibration of the lawn mower does really bad things to his surgically repaired elbows.. thus I do lawn mowing duty unless he gets home from work and gets wild hair up ass.... why on Monday?)
Anyhoo, I digress. After lawn finished, he decides he's gonna take transmission out of the car--the car being his 1971 Chevelle SS. 454 (insert Tim Allen grunt on his behalf). Shan called it sex on wheels and he reminds me of that every time he opens the garage.
(Thanks alot Shan)
So I helped him jack 'er up and set the jackstands, and then did the amazing run around the garage looking for the 7/16th wrench. (And it was in his pocket--anyone but me think that was a coincidence?)

Out of the entire thing, I got dirty.
Dirty is good.
I feel like I accomplished something. I got dirty.
And this was a meaningless post. Eh?

Okay, you haven't gotten any more man of the mist story cuz well, it spawned an idea that was just too tempting for my fickle muse and we're not very far into it and no slowing down yet. :)

I'll be back soon.. hopefully with something better than a story of that smudgeon of grease to talk about... :P

Posted by Melani Blazer :: 6:25 PM :: 3 comments

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