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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Monday, May 09, 2005 The Man in the Mist- ch2

I guess I have to consult my own muse for this... but can someone help me give HER a name?

Isak touched the charm around his neck. His magic. His life. The one thing he could not be separated from, no matter what. A cold chill that had little to do with the minight temperatures raced down his spine at the thought of losing it.

Warmth touched his cheek again, breaking the apprehension and making him smile. She knew. She understood and stood by him anyway. Another reason he loved her with more power than he could begin to fathom. So maybe losing her would be more tragic than losing his talisman. His heart ached from imagining the emptiness that would surround him if she were gone.

Foolish thoughts. Of course he wasn't going to lose the charm, or her. Both had been with him since he'd been separated from his family nearly ten years earlier. There'd never been a threat, never a moment when doubt sprouted with such intensity as now.

But never had he felt as vulnerable as when he set foot on the hard packed sand of this world and felt his magic drain from his body. At least his body remained--that of a man with strength and reflex he'd learned to control with deadly accurancy. Many questions remained. Why here? What mission could possibly require him to approach at night, from the beach, shrouded in the mist?

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