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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Tuesday, March 21, 2006 Spring? Seriously?

What the heck happened to winter?
I realized today, when I was tearing off several pages of my page-a-day calendar (okay, so I was behind, or perhaps in denial), that yesterday was the first day of spring.

How the HECK did THAT happen?
All winter, we waited...and waited...and waited.... for the big one, the big dumpage of snow. You know what? Mother Nature KNEW the hubby and I each got new(to us) Four wheel drive vehicles and just wanted to toy with us. (If you appreciate that, send money, if not, don't looka me, I'm sure someone out there got a kickass deal on a snowmobile and is blaming himself too...)

So anyway, I'm ripping away at my page a day and realize... hey, it's been two years since my first book was released from Ellora's Cave. Two YEARS. O.M.G.
I still don't feel different. I've learned alot, but well, I'd hope I'd have learned alot anyway, perhaps on a different subject, in that time frame....

The story of Legend of the Leopard came to me in a dream September of 2003. I remember it clearly, it was one of those heart pounding full color theatre quality dreams that forced me to get up and promptly babble several pages of notes into word so I could preserve at least SOME of the thought. About a year later I went back to it, played around and came up with the story, wrote, submitted and to my surprise, Ellora's Cave bought it! Now you can (okay, shameless plug, but I gotta do it, don't I?)

Geneticist Salvatore DeMartiano managed the unbelievable—he accidentally injected himself with infected leopard blood which causes his biochemistry to alter and allow him to change into a leopard. He's had to put his other experiments on hold and cure himself of the ailment that threatens to take over his body, and turn him into a whiteleopard... permanently. It doesn't help that he's miles into the Sudanese savannah where he cannot easily get the human blood and medicines he needs to solve the mystery of the genetic altering bacteria.

Until Julia Haverstock's plane crash-lands not far from his home. She's the only survivor. He's the only one who can speak English. She needs a way home. He needs her blood. Rather than explaining his bizarre predicament, he sets about seducing her, hoping to get close enough to convince her to help.

Julia bought the reasons she couldn't leave immediately and even became Sal's lover without much reluctance. But it frightens her when she finds notes on his computer about genetic alterations and leopard blood. What kind of mad scientist is he? Torn between her intense attraction and fear for her own life—after all, he'd admitted to injecting her with a trial serum after she'd been attacked by a leopard--she tries to escape and find her own way home.
But when Sal is wounded, Julia must face the truth— he is one of them. In fact, he is the legendary white leopard. With Sal trapped in animal form, Julia faces her toughest decision yet--take the resources she's discovered and flee or stay to help this man-beast she has grown to love.

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