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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Sunday, January 15, 2006 Interesting things to do in the edit cave

Recent events in my life have caused me to open a ms I wasn't intending on editing just yet--and this has occurred smack in the middle of editing a book that I do have a deadline for. Yeah, fun stuff. I may never crawl out of this pit of edit hell.

So I thought I'd come here and list the top eh... random number of things to do while editing to keep from actually editing.

(in no specific order)
1) Feed the daughters dead neopets

2) Watch the home team lay down on the football team and get bulldozed. Oh yeah, inspiring stuff. Plus, I went hoarse yelling at those dumbasses to start playing football like men, geesh.

3) Clean out medicine chest. Find nine open bottles of ibuprofen and condense into one. Read labels of other medicine back corner of shelf and contemplate what happens when you take it a year after expiration date.

4) clean the cat litter

5) do laundry (reminds me, dammit, I'm out of work pants, must go back DOWN to the basement again, lovely)

6) follow links in blogs in a game-like fascination wondering if you'll ever get back to the blog you started at

7) make up limericks (Shan's forbid me to post any until her synopsis is done and emailed, so sorry....)

8) IM with friends for hours. I mean hours. As in, I've been in that same conference room ALL damn day. It's sad, really. But we all do it and we do it together so we pretend it's all right.

9) Let husband critique beginning of latest book and tell yourself it's okay when he's brutally honest and says the beginning sucks donkey dick.

10) make up a blog about procrastinating because it sounds like less work than rewriting the front end of the story you should be working on.

With that, I need to go switch laundry.

Posted by Melani Blazer :: 6:25 PM :: 2 comments

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